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A07060 Summary:

BILL NO    A07060 

SAME AS    No same as 

SPONSOR    Nolan



Amd Ed L, generally; amd S103, Gen Muni L; amd S6-0107, En Con L; amd S375, V &
T L; rpld S353 sub 15, Exec L

Establishes Earth day; relates to mandate relief for school districts; relates
to the provision of special education programs and services parentally placed
in non-public schools through dual enrollment; eliminates requirement that the
commissioner of education make appointments to the state-supported schools;
relates to the committee on special education membership requirements;
eliminates the requirement for written parental consent prior to placement of a
student with a disability in July/August program; relates to transportation of
students with disabilities parentally placed in private school; establishes
that all school districts are approved evaluators of preschool students
suspected of having a disability; relates to the statute of limitations for
special education due process hearings; relates to committee on preschool
special education; relates to the selection of a preschool evaluator; relates
to referrals of state adult service agencies for certain students with
disabilities who have reached the age of 18; relates to giving school districts
or boards of cooperative educational services the option of advertising
procurement bids in the state's opportunities newsletter; relates to the state
smart growth public infrastructure criteria; relates to school omnibus signs
complying with federal motor vehicle safety standards.
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