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A07526 Summary:

BILL NO    A07526 

SAME AS    No Same as 

SPONSOR    Wright

COSPNSR    Heastie, Farrell, O'Donnell, Aubry, Crespo, Glick, Kavanagh,
           Gottfried, Lentol, Mosley, Pretlow, Rosenthal, Bichotte, Cook,
           Davila, Dinowitz, Joyner, Linares, Moya, Pichardo, Robinson,
           Rodriguez, Sepulveda, Walker, Abinanti, Benedetto, Colton, DenDekker,
           Jaffee, Ortiz, Perry, Blake, Mayer


Amd S17, Chap 576 of 1974; rpld S2 sub 2 (n), amd Emerg Hous Ren Cont L,
generally; amd S2, Chap 329 of 1963; amd S10, Chap 555 of 1982; amd S4, Chap
402 of 1983; amd S46, Chap 116 of 1997; rpld S5 sub a 13, amd Emerg Ten Prot
Act of 1974, generally; rpld S26-504.2, S26-403 sub e 2 sub (k), S26-405 sub g
1 sub (l) & (n), amd NYC Ad Cd, generally; amd S213-a, add S3012-c, CPLR; amd
S241.05, add S241.03, Pen L; amd S235-e, RP L; amd SS282-a & 284, Mult Dwell L;
rpld S27 sub (h), Chap 4 of 2013

Relates to the control and stabilization of rent.
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