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A07870 Summary:

BILL NO    A07870 

SAME AS    No Same as 

SPONSOR    Lentol

COSPNSR    O'Donnell, Kaminsky, Rosenthal, Nolan, Brennan


Add SS195.30 & 195.35, amd SS200.00, 200.03 - 200.05, Pen L; amd Part E S2,
Chap 60 of 2015; amd El L, generally; amd S63, Exec L; amd S157, R & SS L; add
SS5-b, 1-u & 1-v, amd S5, ren SS1-u & 1-v to be SS1-w & 1-x, Leg L; add S92-t,
amd S95, St Fin L; amd S658, Tax L

Enacts an omnibus ethics reform act of 2015; relates to undisclosed
self-dealing, and bribery offenses and defenses; relates to the jurisdiction of
the attorney general; relates to the removal of pensions of certain persons
convicted of felonies; implements a public campaign financing system;
establishes the crime of interfering with a lawful government investigation.
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