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A08173 Summary:

BILL NO    A08173 


SPONSOR    Silver (MS)

COSPNSR    Farrell, Wright, Glick, Kellner, Quart


Amd S1115, Tax L; amd Part C S2, Chap 2 of 2005; amd SS499-a, 499-c, 499-d,
489-dddddd, 499-aa & 499-cc, RPT L; amd SS11-704, 11-271, 22-622, 22-624,
22-601, 22-602, NYC Ad Cd; amd SS25-z, 25-ee, 25-s, 25-t, 25-aa & 25-bb, Gen
City L

Amends various provisions of law relating to Lower Manhattan; relates to real
property tax abatements; relates to applications for tax abatements for
industrial and commercial construction work on properties in a city of one
million or more; relates to extending the relocation and employment assistance
program and the Lower Manhattan relocation and employment assistance program;
relates to extending the special rebates and discounts provided pursuant to the
energy cost savings program and the lower Manhattan energy program; relates to
the amount of special reduction allowed; exempts certain personal property from
sales and compensating use taxes; extends real estate tax abatement programs in
New York city.
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