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A08332 Summary:

COSPNSRCook, Montesano, Sepulveda, Richardson, Mayer, Robinson, Solages, Dilan, Pretlow, Pichardo, Rivera, Blake, O'Donnell, Nolan, Benedetto, Rozic, Arroyo, Titone, Davila, Joyner, Farrell, DenDekker, Hooper, Linares, Walker, Gottfried, Aubry, Santabarbara, Gunther, Perry, Lupardo, Hunter, Bichotte, Crespo, Harris, Jean-Pierre, Braunstein, Lavine, Hevesi, Dinowitz, Russell, Brindisi, Barron, Mosley, Stirpe, Fahy, Castorina, Raia, Rosenthal, Skoufis, Lifton, Wright, Weprin, Ramos, Ortiz, Quart, Cancel, Seawright, Schimel, Galef, Simotas, Ryan, Bronson, Peoples-Stokes, Titus, Kavanagh, Kim, Williams, Colton, Moya, Hyndman
MLTSPNSRBrennan, Buchwald, Ceretto, Curran, Englebright, Glick, Kearns, Lentol, Lopez, Lupinacci, Markey, McDonough, McLaughlin, Ra, Simanowitz, Skartados, Steck, Thiele
Add Art 14-C 570 - 586, R & SS L; add 99-aa & 99-bb, St Fin L
Creates a self-sufficient retirement savings program in the form of an automatic enrollment payroll deduction IRA, and establishes an administrative board responsible for promoting greater retirement savings for private sector employees in a convenient, low-cost, and transferable manner.
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