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A09011 Summary:

Amd Various Laws, generally
Enacts into law major components of legislation relating to Good Government and Ethics Reform; relates to political contributions by limited liability companies (Part A); relates to prohibiting outside earned income by members of the legislature (Part B); relates to statements of campaign receipts, contributions, transfers and expenditures to and by political committees; relates to the filing of statements regarding campaign receipts and expenditures; relates to establishing a contribution limit for certain contributions to a party committee or constituted committee; relates to campaign finance reform; relates to public financing; relates to the New York state campaign finance fund; and relates to the New York state campaign finance fund check-off (Part C); relates to the freedom of information law; and repeals certain provisions relating to access to certain records (Part D); relates to financial disclosure of certain public officers (Part E); relates to motor vehicle voter registration; repeals certain provisions relating thereto (Part F); directs the state comptroller, the attorney general, the chief information officer of the office of information technology services and the commissioner of general services to make recommendations on assigning a single identifying code to contractors, vendors and other payees (Part G); relates to the regulation of political consultants; repeals certain provisions relating thereto (Part H).
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