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A09281 Summary:

COSPNSRMorelle, Farrell, Wright, Weinstein, Gottfried, Lentol, Gantt, Brennan, Cook, Glick, Cahill, Dinowitz, Colton, Paulin, Lifton, Peoples-Stokes, O'Donnell, Titus, Benedetto, Lavine, Lupardo, Hevesi, Jaffee, Kavanagh, Rosenthal, Schimel, Russell, Braunstein, Bronson, Moya, Weprin, Abinanti, Simotas, Brindisi, Fahy, Mayer, McDonald, Mosley, Otis, Rozic, Sepulveda, Steck, Davila, Pichardo, Galef, Quart, Thiele, Richardson, Jean-Pierre, Skartados, Joyner, Hyndman, Harris
MLTSPNSRBuchwald, Cymbrowitz, Englebright, Ramos
Amd 3-104, Art 14 Art Head, add Art 14 Title 2 14-200 - 14-228, 16-103 & 4-115, El L; add 359-gg, Gen Bus L; add 92-t, amd 95, St Fin L; add 630-a, Tax L
Enacts the "2016 Fair Elections Act"; relates to providing for optional partial public financing of certain election campaigns in this state; relates to identification of the source of certain political contributions; establishes the contribution to the New York state fair elections fund.
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