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A09505 Summary:

Amd Various Laws, generally
Enacts into law major components of legislation which are necessary to implement the state public protection and general government budget for the 2018-2019 state fiscal year; relates to time limits for speedy trial (Part A); relates to the issuance of securing orders and release on non-monetary conditions; makes conforming changes (Part C); establishes new criminal discovery rules, changes cross-references within the law and repeals certain provisions relating thereto (Part D); restricts forfeiture actions; provides for greater accountability for seized assets by authorizing and directing the chief fiscal officer of a city, town, village or county to establish an asset forfeiture escrow fund to be separately maintained; requires that monies and proceeds from the sale of property realized as a consequence of any forfeiture distributed to the district attorney, sheriff or other claiming agent of any county, town, city and village of which the claiming agent is a part, shall be deposited to such fund; requires reporting of certain demographic data (Part E); relates to the disposition of monies recovered by county district attorneys before the filing of an accusatory instrument, in relation to the effectiveness thereof (Part F); eliminates reimbursements to counties for personal services expenses related to the transportation of state ready inmates (Part G); allows merit time allowance for inmates that successfully complete at least two consecutive semesters of college programming with no less than six college credits per semester (Part H); relates to supervision fees (Part I); authorizes two pilot temporary release programs for certain inmates (Part J); relates to licensing consideration for check cashers (Subpart A); relates to licensing considerations for bingo suppliers (Subpart C); relates to licensing considerations for a notary public (Subpart D); relates to licensing considerations for suppliers of games of chance, for games of chance licensees, for bingo licensees, and for lessors of premises to bingo licensees (Subpart E); relates to licensing considerations for insurance adjusters and for employment with insurance adjusters; and repeals certain provisions of the insurance law relating thereto (Subpart F); relates to licensing considerations for real estate brokers or real estate salesmen (Subpart G); relates to participation as employer in subsidized employer programs (Subpart H); relates to eligibility for employment by a driver's school (Subpart I) (Part K); relates to allowing for geriatric parole (Part L); suspends the transfer of monies into the emergency services revolving loan fund from the public safety communications account (Part M); provides that the statute of limitations for criminal prosecution of a sexual offense committed against a child shall not begin to run until the child turns 23 years of age; provides that a civil action for conduct constituting a sexual offense against a child, shall be brought before the child turns 50 years of age; revives previously barred actions related to sexual abuse of children; grants civil trial preference to such actions; eliminates the notice of claim requirements for such actions when the action is brought against a municipality, the state or a school district; requires judicial training relating to child abuse and the establishment of rules relating to civil actions brought for sexual offenses committed against children (Part P); extends provisions of the state commission on the restoration of the capitol for an additional five years (Part T); creates a self-sufficient retirement savings program in the form of an automatic enrollment payroll deduction IRA, and establishes an administrative board responsible for promoting greater retirement savings for private sector employees in a convenient, low-cost, and transferable manner (Part X); relates to the election of one or more town justices for two or more adjacent towns (Subpart A); authorizes the establishment of county-wide shared services panels and establishes the membership requirements and powers and duties of such panels (Part EE); relates to the town of Islip resource recovery agency (Part FF); provides for the administration of certain funds and accounts related to the 2018-19 budget and authorizes certain payments and transfers; relates to the debt reduction reserve fund and to payments, transfers and deposits; relates to funding project costs undertaken by non-public schools; relates to funding project costs for certain capital projects; relates to the financing of the correctional facilities improvement fund and the youth facility improvement fund, in relation to the issuance of bonds; relates to housing program bonds and notes; establishes the dedicated highway and bridge trust fund, in relation to the issuance of bonds; relates to the issuance of bonds by the dormitory authority; relates to issuance of bonds by the urban development corporation; relates to the issuance of bonds; relates to the state environmental infrastructure projects; increases the aggregate amount of bonds to be issued by the New York state urban development corporation; relates to financing of peace bridge and transportation capital projects; relates to dormitories at certain educational institutions other than state operated institutions and statutory or contract colleges under the jurisdiction of the state university of New York; relates to bonds and mental health facilities improvement notes; increases the bonding limit for certain public protection facilities; authorizes certain payments and transfers, in relation to the effectiveness thereof; increases the amount of authorized matching capital grants; increases the amount of bonds authorized to be issued; authorizes the issuance of bonds in relation to grants made to voluntary agencies; and provides for the repeal of certain provisions upon expiration thereof (Part GG); establishes incapacity to consent when a person is under arrest, detention or otherwise in actual custody (Part JJ); authorizes the dormitory authority to construct and finance certain juvenile detention facilities (Part LL); creates the state office of the utility consumer advocate (Part MM); relates to utility intervenor reimbursement; establishes the utility intervenor account (Part NN); relates to plans for representation of persons accused of a crime or certain parties in family or surrogate's court (Part OO); relates to the cost effectiveness of consultant contracts by state agencies; defines "consultant services" (Part PP); relates to functions of the chief administrator of the courts and reporting requirements (Part QQ); allows a court to waive certain surcharges and fees; repealer (Part RR); relates to unlawful discriminatory practices; requires employers to make a conditional offer of employment before inquiring about any criminal convictions of a prospective employee (Part SS); restricts the use of segregated confinement and creates alternative therapeutic and rehabilitative confinement options; limits the length of time a person may be in segregated confinement and excludes certain persons from being placed in segregated confinement (Part TT); seals records for certain proceedings that terminate in favor of the accused where the charges relate to the possession of marihuana (Part UU); relates to a judicial diversion program for certain felony offenders; expands definition for an eligible defendant (Part VV); prohibits law enforcement officers from using racial and ethnic profiling (Part WW); relates to grand jury proceedings (Part XX); establishes the office of special investigation (Part YY); amends the definition of prior year aid to include the amount of miscellaneous financial assistance from the local assistance account received by a village (Part ZZ); extends expiration of payments to members of the assembly serving in a special capacity; extends provisions relating to the operation and administration of the assembly (Part AAA); relates to the disposal of property upon a judgment or order of forfeiture; requires a percentage of money from such disposal of property to be deposited into a subaccount of the general fund to be used for law enforcement diversion purposes (Part BBB); relates to certificates to a charitable bail organization to deposit money as bail under certain circumstances (Part CCC); relates to merit time allowance credits and certain administrative privileges credits in local correctional facilities (Part DDD); creates training programs for first responders on handling situations involving individuals with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental disabilities (Part EEE); enacts into law major components of legislation necessary to implement the state women's agenda for the 2018-2019 state fiscal year; enacts the "comprehensive contraception coverage act" to provide insurance coverage for FDA-approved contraceptive drugs, devices and products (Subpart A); enacts the reproductive health act and revises existing provisions of law regarding abortion; repeals certain provisions of the public health law relating to abortion; repeals certain provisions of the education law relating to the sale of contraceptives; and repeals certain provisions of the penal law relating to abortion (Subpart B); relates to the maternal mortality review board (Subpart C); relates to appointees to the state board for medicine, requiring one appointee to be an expert on disparities among demographic groups and another to be an expert on women's health (Subpart D); relates to the possession of weapons by domestic violence offenders; repeals section 530.14 of the criminal procedure law and section 842-a of the family court act relating thereto (Subpart E); relates to coercion in the second and third degree, making compelling a person to engage in a sexual act coercion in the second degree (Subpart F); establishes that sexual assault survivors are not billed for sexual assault forensic exams and are notified orally and in writing of the option to decline to provide private health insurance information and repeals certain provisions of such law (Subpart G); expands the scope of unlawful discriminatory practices to include public educational institutions (Subpart H); relates to discrimination and sexual harassment; relates to arbitration agreements; relates to prohibiting the state and local agencies from entering into contracts with companies requiring employees to stipulate to binding arbitration for all disputes; relates to employment contract provisions waiving certain substantive and procedural rights; relates to requiring reimbursement of funds paid by state agencies and entities and public entities for the payment of awards adjudicated in discrimination claims; relates to confidentiality provisions in settlement of discrimination actions; relates to confidentiality provisions related to discrimination; relates to creating a model policy prohibiting discrimination; relates to requiring a statement on discrimination, including sexual harassment, in bids to the state; relates to requiring a statement on discrimination, including sexual harassment, in applications for state credits; relates to requiring the division of human rights to promulgate an anti-discrimination pamphlet; relates to creating training materials prohibiting discrimination in the workplace; relates to unlawful discriminatory practices relating to persons who perform work for an employer as a contractor, independent contractor, subcontractor, volunteer, or any other type of employment opportunity; relates to requiring the attorney-general to prosecute or defend upon request of the commissioner of labor or the state division of human rights discrimination by reason of sex, sexual orientation, military status, disability, predisposing genetic characteristics, familial status, marital status or domestic violence victim status; and relates to discrimination (Subpart I); creates computer science education standards (Subpart J); provides feminine hygiene products in public and charter schools (Subpart L); relates to standards requiring assembly group A occupancies and mercantile group M occupancies to have diaper changing stations available for use by both male and female occupants (Subpart M); relates to insurance coverage of in vitro fertilization and other fertility preservation treatments (Subpart N)(Part FFF); relates to authorizing computer generated registration lists and list of supplies be delivered to poll sites (Part GGG); relates to political contributions (Part HHH); and relates to early voting (Part III).
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