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A09507 Summary:

Amd Various Laws, generally
Enacts into law major components of legislation necessary to implement the state health and mental hygiene budget for the 2018-2019 state fiscal year; relates to establishing a temporary workgroup on capital rate methodology for capital expenditures to hospitals and residential nursing facilities; and relates to standard coverage for physical therapy services under medical assistance for needy persons programs (Part A); relates to payments to residential health care facilities, to assisted living program providers licensed in the state, to payments for certain medical assistance provided to eligible persons participating in the New York traumatic brain injury waiver program, and repeals certain provisions of law relating to furnishing medical assistance (Part B); alters responsibilities of and reimbursement costs to health homes by treating them as providers and imposes penalties of .85% of Medicare premiums on managed care providers that do not submit a performing provider system partnership plan before July 1, 2018 (Part C); relates to drug coverage, copayments, updating the professional dispensing fee, pharmacist physician collaboration and comprehensive medication management, repealer (Part D); relates to reimbursement of transportation costs, reimbursement of emergency transportation services and supplemental transportation services (Part E); relates to not-for-profit and tax exempt corporations' Medicaid capitation rates where the corporation is exceeding the required minimum contingent reserve amount (Part F); authorizes certain retail practices to offer and provide health services and establishes retail practices and accreditation requirements (Part G); relates to the practice of nursing by certified registered nurse anesthetists (Part H); provides that monies paid by the department of health to managed care organizations are public funds; provides that the state shall have the right to recover any improper medical assistance payments made by a managed care organization to its subcontractors or providers; requires reporting of fraud by managed care organizations; provides penalties for violations of medical assistance program laws and penalties on managed care plans for reporting late or incorrect encounter data (Part I); ties penalties for violations of the false claims act to federal limits (Part J); authorizes the department of health to require certain healthcare providers to report costs incurred in providing services to Medicaid beneficiaries; extends the medicaid global cap through the state fiscal years 2018-2019 (Part K); relates to the child health insurance program; permits the department of social services to contract with other entities to commence actions and proceedings to recover the cost of medical assistance on behalf of the child health insurance program; provides that the director of the division of the budget in consultation with the commissioner of health shall establish a plan in the event federal funding pursuant to Title XXI of the Federal Social Security Act is reduced or eliminated (Part L); relates to extending provisions of law relating to apportioning premium for certain policies, to hospital excess liability pool and to excess coverage (Part M); eliminates services provided by the department of health from provisions establishing a cost of living adjustment for certain human services (Part N); alters the requirements for the early intervention program for infants and toddlers with disabilities and their families including who can perform certain screening functions, when and how certain insurance policies take effect and how the appeal process for denial of coverage occurs (Part O); relates to the empire clinical research investigator program, and hospital resident hour auditing repealer (Part P); relates to the health care transformation program (Part Q); requires every municipality that administers the New York state uniform fire prevention and building code and that contains an area designated as high risk by the commissioner of health to submit to the department of health aggregate reports summarizing the outcomes of inspections and remediation for lead abatement; creates a presumption that all paint on any residential building on which original construction was completed prior to January 1, 1978, and the exterior of any nonresidential structure on which original construction was completed prior to January 1, 1978, is lead-based; makes related provisions (Part R); establishes community paramedicine collaboratives (Subpart A); relates to integrated services (Subpart B); relates to the definitions of telehealth provider, originating site and remote patient monitoring (Subpart C) (Part S); relates to extending provisions of law related to social services and public health (Part T); extends time-limited demonstration programs for specialized inpatient psychiatric units for children and adults (Part U); extends provisions of law relating to community mental health programs and subcommittees (Part V); relates to amending the definition of appropriate institution to include a mental health unit operating within a correctional facility or local correctional facility (Part W); relates to extending the effectiveness of the receipt of federal and state benefits for facilities operated by the office of mental hygiene from 2018 to 2021 (Part X); relates to persons practicing in certain licensed programs or services who are exempt from practice requirements of professionals licensed by the department of education (Part Y); adds demonstration waivers to waivers allowable for home and community-based services and successor federal waivers to waivers granted under subsection (c) of section 1915 of the Federal Social Security Law in relation to nursing facility services; relates to effective dates relating to waivers for high quality and integrated care; adds new and successor federal waivers to waivers in relation to home and community based services; expands comprehensive health services plans; extends provisions relating to the creation of continuing care retirement communities; relates to managed long term care plans, health and long term care services and developmental disability individual support and care coordination organizations; extends provisions relating to establishing payments for medical assistance; makes certain provisions permanent (Part Z); and relates to the inclusion and development of certain cost of living adjustments (Part AA).
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