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A09508 Summary:

Amd Various Laws, generally
Enacts into law major components of legislation necessary to implement the state transportation, economic development and environmental conservation budget for the 2018-2019 state fiscal year; enhances the ability of the state to enforce state and federal law relating to motor carriers, commercial drivers and bus operators (Part A); relates to enhancing the ability of the state to enforce state and federal law relating to the safety of rail fixed guideway public transportation systems under the oversight of the department of transportation (Part C); relates to authorizing the department of transportation to charge one hundred twenty dollars for a semi-annual inspection of certain for-profit fleets (Part E); relates to submission of reports relating to motor vehicles equipped with autonomous vehicle technology (Part H); relates to certain fines in the city of New York; removes the authorization for the office of the state comptroller to prescribe a reporting requirement to the city of New York (Part I); relates to the MTA finance fund (Part K); extends certain provisions relating to the empire state economic development fund (Part O); amends chapter 39 of the laws of 1994, amending the New York state urban development corporation act, relating to the powers of the New York state urban development corporation to make loans, in relation to the effectiveness thereof (Part P); relates to the reauthorization of the minority and women-owned business enterprise program; establishes the workforce diversity program; creates a study of the feasibility of a minority and women-owned business enterprise capacity mentorship program; makes related provisions (Part Q); relates to permitting the secretary of state to provide special handling for all documents filed or issued by the division of corporations and to permitting additional levels of such expedited service (Part S); relates to brownfield opportunity areas (Part U); repeals provisions relating to the local share requirement for providers under the federal community services block grant program (Part V); relates to requiring the licensure of student loan servicers, the establishment of student debt relief consultants, and prohibiting adverse action against licensees based upon a student loan obligation (Part W); relates to the transfer of the statutory authority for the promulgation of marketing orders from the department of agriculture and markets to the New York state urban development corporation (Part Y); relates to the donation of excess food and recycling of food scraps (Part BB); relates to the central pine barrens area and the core preservation area; adds metes and bounds descriptions for property additions to the central pine barrens area and core preservation area (Part CC); authorizes utility and cable television assessments to provide funds to the department of health from cable television assessment revenues and to the departments of agriculture and markets, environmental conservation, state, and the office of parks, recreation and historic preservation from utility assessment revenues (Part DD); authorizes the New York state energy research and development authority to finance fuel NY programs and climate change programs form an assessment on gas and electric corporations (Part EE); relates to energy-related projects, programs and services of the power authority of the state of New York, expanding the definition for what constitutes an energy-related project (Part FF); allows the power authority to develop renewable power and energy generating projects and sell such generated energy or power (Part GG); makes certain changes applicable to the foreclosure of reverse mortgages, made by chapter 55 of the laws of 2017, take effect immediately and continue past the expiration of certain provisions of the law (Part HH); establishes a metropolitan transportation sustainability workgroup (Subpart A); relates to the independent audit of capital elements (Subpart B); creates a supplemental revenue transparency program for the metropolitan transportation authority (Subpart C); prohibits the diversion of funds dedicated to public transportation (Subpart D); relates to cashless tolling (Subpart E) (Part II); requires that economic development entities be treated as public bodies and the provisions applicable to public bodies and agencies under the public officers law shall be applicable to such economic development entities (Part JJ); relates to the creation of a searchable database; requires qualified participants to report annually on projected and actual jobs created and retained in connection with any related economic development benefits; establishes a public database (Part KK); creates the small business innovation research/small business technology transfer technical assistance program; and repeals section 3102-c of the public authorities law relating thereto (Part LL); establishes the New York state innovation voucher program; provides small businesses with access to research and development by colleges and universities, government laboratories and public research institutes in order to assist such businesses in the creation of innovative products or services (Part MM); relates to restoring the reporting requirements for the START-UP NY program (Part NN); relates to creating the strategic investment in workforce development program, to identify and assist with the training needs of employers, employees and prospective employees in industries with a shortage of skilled workers (Part OO); relates to establishing the New York state environmental justice act and grants (Part PP); enacts the New York state climate and community protection act; relates to climate change; renewable energy program; labor and job standards and worker protection (Part QQ); relates to establishing a paint stewardship program (Part RR); expands service of process to the department of state to the city of New York (Part SS); authorizes, for certain public works undertaken pursuant to project labor agreements, use of the alternative delivery method known as design-build contracts (Part TT); establishes the New York City Housing Authority Facilities Modernization Act which shall assist with the installation, demolition, construction, reconstruction, excavation, rehabilitation, renovation, and repair of heating systems including boilers in property owned or maintained by the New York City Housing Authority (Subpart A); and relates to reporting on lead-based paint poisoning prevention and control (Subpart B) (Part UU); and reduces the limitations on the number of schools at which photo speed violation monitoring systems may be utilized and the times during which they may be operated; requires such city to install signs giving notice of the use of such a system; and extends the expiration of such program until July 1, 2022 (Part VV).
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