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A09506 Summary:

Amd Various Laws, generally
Enacts into law major components of legislation which are necessary to implement the state fiscal plan for the 2018-2019 state fiscal year; relates to contracts for excellence and the apportionment of public moneys; relates to a teacher diversity study; relates to reporting requirements of school level funding; relates to supplemental basic tuition; relates to charter school tuition and facility aid for charter schools; relates to supplemental public excess cost aid; relates to the amount of the supplemental basic tuition for charter schools; relates to total foundation aid; relates to the effectiveness of provisions relating to BOCES intermediate districts; relates to aid for career education; relates to building aid; relates to full day kindergarten aid; relates to academic enhancement aid; relates to high tax aid; relates to universal pre-kindergarten aid; relates to the statewide universal full-day pre-kindergarten program; ratifies and validates the actions or omissions of any school district relating to the submission of a fiscal building cost report; relates to state aid adjustments; relates to teacher certification; relates to a fiscal stabilization fund; relates to tuition methodology; relates to insurance reserve funds of the Mamaroneck union free school district; relates to payment of moneys due for prior years; relates to the teachers of tomorrow teacher recruitment and retention program; relates to class sizes for special classes containing certain students with disabilities; relates to employment preparation education programs; relates to reimbursements for the 2018-2019 school year; withholds a portion of employment preparation education aid and relates to the effectiveness of provisions thereof; relates to class sizes for special classes containing certain students with disabilities; relates to the effectiveness of provisions relating to state aid to school districts and the appropriation of funds for the support of government; relates to the effectiveness of provisions relating to supplementary funding for dedicated programs for public school students in the East Ramapo central school district; relates to the effectiveness of provisions relating to conditional appointment of school district, charter school or BOCES employees; relates to the effectiveness of certain provisions related to the 1994-95 state operations, aid to localities, capital projects and debt service budgets; relates to the effectiveness of provisions of supplemental educational services, attendance at a safe public school and the suspension of pupils who bring a firearm to or possess a firearm at a school; increases reimbursable costs for special services or programs; relates to the effectiveness of provisions relating to the implementation of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001; relates to the effectiveness of provisions relating to providing that standardized test scores not be included on a student's permanent record; requires the commissioner of education to include certain information in the official score report of all students; relates to school bus driver training; relates to special apportionment for salary expenses and public pension accruals; relates to suballocations of appropriations; relates to the city school district of the city of Rochester; relates to total foundation aid for the purpose of the development, maintenance or expansion of certain magnet schools or magnet school programs for the 2017-2018 school year; relates to the support of public libraries; relates to the calculation of nonpublic schools' eligibility to receive aid; exempts BOCES capital expenditures from certain limitations; repeals certain provisions of the education law; establishes a retirement contribution reserve fund for NYS teachers' retirement system (Part A); relates to paid, free and reduced price breakfast for eligible pupils in certain school districts (Part B); relates to participation in recovery high school programs (Part D); enacts the New York state DREAM Act by creating the New York DREAM fund commission and amends eligibility requirements and conditions governing certain awards (Part E); extends provisions establishing a juvenile justice services close to home initiative and certain juvenile justice reforms for five years (Part G); relates to extending the effectiveness of the youth development and delinquency prevention program and the special delinquency prevention program to December 31, 2021 (Part I); relates to the authority of boards of cooperative services to enter into contracts with the commissioner of children and family services to provide certain services (Part J); adds the office of children and family services to the list of entities to whom the dormitory authority of the state of New York (DASNY) is authorized to provide capital design and construction services (Part K); increases the standards of monthly need for aged, blind and disabled persons living in the community (Part L); relates to a rental subsidy for public assistance recipients living with HIV/AIDS (Part M); utilizes reserves in the mortgage insurance fund for various housing purposes including rural rental assistance, neighborhood preservation, rural preservation, municipal relief to the city of Albany and AIDS housing; provides for the retroactive transfer of reserves to the general fund for neighborhood naturally occurring retirement communities (Part N); creates the Lake Ontario-St. Lawrence Seaway flood recovery and International Joint Commission plan 2014 mitigation grant program, in relation to utilizing reserves in the mortgage insurance fund for various purposes (Part O); relates to hours, wages and supplements in contracts for public work (Part P); secures payment of wages for work already performed; creates a lien remedy for all employees; provides grounds for attachment; relates to procedures where employees may hold shareholders of non-publicly traded corporations personally liable for wage theft; relates to rights for victims of wage theft to hold the ten members with the largest ownership interests in a company personally liable for wage theft (Part Q); relates to public university and foundation oversight designed to prevent corruption, fraud, criminal activity and conflicts of interest or abuse (Part R); relates to funding for SUNY and CUNY (Part S); relates to five-year capital plans for the state university of New York and the city university of New York (Part T); establishes the SUNY Stony Brook Eastern Long Island Hospital Affiliation escrow fund (Part U); creates a firearm violence research institute to advise, increase understanding and identify priorities relating to firearm violence (Part V); relates to the excelsior scholarship's adjusted gross income requirements (Part W); establishes the Martin Luther King, Jr. scholarship to assist students with the expenses of non-tuition costs and fees (Part X); clarifies that enhanced tuition awards are for attendance at private degree granting institutions of higher education (Part Y); provides an exemption from participation in work activities for an applicant or recipient of public assistance who is a parent or relative of a child who is personally providing care for such child under one year of age (Part Z); relates to the local share requirements associated with increasing the age of juvenile jurisdiction (Part AA); relates to the New York state science, technology, engineering and mathematics incentive program (Part BB); authorizes SUNY and community colleges to offer reduced tuition for residents of an area impacted by a declared disaster (Part CC); establishes the homeless rental supplement pilot program to provide a supplement to certain eligible individuals and families in addition to their shelter allowance, equal to 100% of the fair market rent in the district (Part DD); authorizes certain social services districts to offer a savings plan for individuals to contribute to in lieu of applying a portion of a temporary housing assistance recipient's earned income (Part EE); relates to charter schools (Part FF); and relates to the administration of certain workforce investment funds (Part GG).
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