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S04209 Summary:

BILL NO    S04209 

SAME AS    No same as 




Amd Various Laws, generally

Enacts into law major components of legislation necessary to implement the
state fiscal plan relating to revenues of the state; relates to the New York
city personal income tax rates (Part B); relates to the suspension of STAR
exemptions of property owned by persons with outstanding tax liabilities (Part
C); relates to a recoupment of certain STAR exemptions; relates to determining
primary residency; relates to verification of residence (Part E); makes
technical corrections to the school tax relief fund; provides one-time STAR
relief (Part F); relates to certification of compliance with New York property
tax relief check program requirements (Part G); relates to extending the
limitation on charitable contribution deductions for certain taxpayers (Part
H); makes certain technical corrections (Part I); relates to a report regarding
the empire state commercial production tax credit (Part J); includes video game
developers in the excelsior jobs program (Part K); relates to the business
income base rate in relation to certain small business taxpayers (Part N);
relates to creating a technology internship program and establishes tax credits
for such program (Part O); relates to Brownfields (Part R); relates to the
biennial statements filed with the secretary of state (Part S); makes
corrections to the corporate tax reform provisions (Part T); exempts certain
items of tangible personal property furnished to customers by cider producers,
breweries and distilleries at tastings (Part U); relates to the imposition of
the sales and compensating use tax on prepaid mobile calling services (Part V);
exempts electricity provided by certain sources from the sales tax (Part Z);
allows a reimbursement of the petroleum business tax for highway diesel motor
fuel used in farm production (Part AA); relates to the estate tax (Part BB);
relates to the effectiveness of provisions of law relating to serving an income
execution with respect to individual tax debtors without filing a warrant (Part
DD); relates to extending certain provisions concerning the hospital excess
liability pool (Part FF); relates to authorizing clearance of past-due tax
liabilities for state or local authority grant applicants (Part GG); allows the
commissioner of taxation and finance to enter into reciprocal tax collection
agreements with other states (Part HH); relates to the disclosure of certain
information relating to a person receiving public assistance to the
commissioner of the department of taxation and finance (Part LL); relates to
capital awards to vendor tracks (Part MM); relates to licenses for simulcast
facilities, sums relating to track simulcast, simulcast of out-of-state
thoroughbred races, simulcasting of races run by out-of-state harness tracks
and distributions of wagers; extends the effectiveness of certain provisions of
law relating to simulcasting and the imposition of certain taxes and of certain
provisions of the racing, pari-mutuel wagering and breeding law (Part NN);
relates to video lottery gaming and provides for the repeal of provisions
relating thereto upon expiration (Part OO); relates to a franchised corporation
(Part PP); relates to the credit for certain alternative fuel vehicle refueling
property and electric vehicle recharging property (Part RR); relates to costs
associated with the department of public service (Part SS); relates to the
amount of credit towards sales and compensating use taxes for vendors (Part
TT); relates to simple personal income tax (Part UU); relates to the
undertaking required during the pendency of a stay of enforcement of a judgment
against a participating or non-participating manufacturer under the master
settlement agreement (Part VV); relates to the stock transfer tax and repeals
certain provisions of the tax law relating thereto (Part WW); establishes
protocols for combative sports and authorizes mixed martial arts events in the
state; relates to the imposition of a tax on the gross receipts of any person
holding any professional or amateur boxing, sparring or wrestling match or
exhibition, or professional combative sports match or exhibition; allows
matches or exhibitions on the premises of certain licensees (Part XX); relates
to the authority of counties to impose sales and compensating use taxes
pursuant to the authority of article 29 of the tax law and repeals certain
sections of the tax law relating thereto (Part YY); exempts from sales and
compensating use taxes the purchase of general aviation aircraft and provides
for the repeal upon the expiration of certain provisions thereof (Part ZZ);
relates to adding the use of a vessel by the purchaser in this state for not
more than 20 days per calendar day to the list of exemptions to the
compensating use tax (Part AAA); relates to establishing a credit against
income tax for the rehabilitation of distressed commercial properties (Part
BBB); relates to QEZE tax reduction credits (Part CCC); provides for a sales
tax exemption for farm abstracts (Part DDD); relates to sales and compensating
use taxes (Part EEE); grants sales and compensating use tax exemptions for
certain tangible personal property and services used in the operation of
recreational skiing facilities (Part FFF); relates to the exemption of
political subdivisions from the imposition of the metropolitan commuter
transportation mobility tax (Part GGG); relates to the exemption of libraries
from the imposition of the metropolitan commuter transportation mobility tax
(Part HHH); exempts certain prekindergarten special education programs from the
metropolitan commuter transportation mobility tax (Part III); relates to the
definition of allowable college tuition expenses and the tax credit allowed for
such expenses (Part JJJ); relates to providing an asbestos remediation tax
credit (Part KKK); relates to the creation of the cigarette tax enforcement
account and repealing provisions of the administrative code of the city of New
York relating thereto (Part LLL); relates to veterans entrepreneurship
assistance (Part MMM); relates to the empire state film production credit (Part
NNN); relates to providing certain tax credits for construction or
rehabilitation of middle-income housing (Part OOO); relates to real estate
investment trusts (Part PPP); relates to establishing an elderly residential
emergency repair personal income tax credit (Part QQQ); relates to sales tax in
empire zones (Part RRR); relates to exempting from sales and use taxes certain
tangible personal property or services (Part SSS); relates to the green
building credit (Part TTT); relates to establishing a senior utility circuit
breaker personal income tax credit (Part UUU); relates to establishing
limitations upon real property tax levies in cities with a population of one
million or more (Part VVV); relates to authorizing the division of state police
to conduct qualification investigations for those applying for casino key
employee licenses or gaming employee registrations (Part WWW); relates to
out-of-state or out-of-country races, unclaimed winnings, fast track betting,
and account wagering; and repealing certain provisions of such law relating
thereto (Part XXX); relates to the New York Jockey Injury Compensation Fund,
Inc. (Part YYY); relates to payments received by regional harness tracks for
certain wagers (Part ZZZ); relates to vendor fees paid to vendor tracks (Part
AAAA); relates to rent increase exemptions for persons regardless of their age
or disability status (Part BBBB); relates to authorizing a tax exemption for
senior citizen tenants residing in manufactured home parks in certain municipal
corporations and school districts (Part CCCC); relates to extending
eligibility, for an additional three years, for the exemption of certain new or
substantially rehabilitated multiple dwellings for local taxation (Part DDDD);
relates to the state school tax reduction credit (Part EEEE); relates to
reducing federal adjusted gross income, for purposes of state personal income
taxes, by the amount of interest on indebtedness incurred for tuition and fees
paid for undergraduate education (Part FFFF); relates to establishing the
public housing revitalization fund; authorizes the New York city council to
oversee the activities of certain public authorities (Part GGGG).
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