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A03005 Summary:

BILL NO    A03005B


SPONSOR    Budget



Amd Various Laws, generally

Relates to authorizing the commissioner of corrections and community
supervision to make the final decision on medical parole for certain eligible
non-violent inmates (part A); extends the effectiveness of certain provisions
of law relating to criminal justice issues (part B); relates to transferring
certain employees of the division of state police to the office of general
services (part C); relates to eliminating certain arbitration and license fees
and repeals provisions of law relating to payment of license fees (part D);
amends the civil service law and correction law relating to salaries (part H);
authorizes the president of the state civil service commission to establish an
amnesty period to identify dependents who are ineligible for health benefits
(part J); extends the effectiveness of chapter 674 of the laws of 1993 relating
to value limitations on contracts; and increases the value limitation on
emergency contracts (part M); and increases the threshold of small capital
projects delegated by OGS to one hundred fifty thousand dollars (part N).
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