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A03005 Summary:

Amd Various Laws, generally
Enacts into law major components of legislation necessary to implement the state public protection and general government budget for the 2017-2018 state fiscal year; relates to extending various criminal justice and public safety programs that would otherwise sunset (Part A); relates to criminal possession of marihuana in the fifth degree and sealing records for certain proceedings that terminate in favor of the accused where the charges relate to the possession of marihuana (Part B); relates to statements of those accused of crimes and eyewitness identifications, enhancing criminal investigations and prosecutions and promotes confidence in the criminal justice system; relates to the implementation of a plan regarding indigent legal services; relates to amounts distributed from the indigent legal services fund; relates to certain fees collected by the office of court administration; relates to the biennial registration fee for attorneys (Part D); relates to conditions of release of persons subject to a period of community supervision (Part E); relates to the establishment of a hate crime task force to prevent, investigate and detect hate crimes (Part F); relates to expanding eligibility for awards to victims of certain crimes not resulting in physical injury (Part G); relates to reimbursement for loss of savings of certain elderly or legally incompetent persons up to thirty thousand dollars (Part H); relates to additional duties of the commissioner of general services regarding flood related losses to state-owned structures (Part I); relates to requiring American made iron, steel and manufactured products in certain government contracts; and repeals certain provisions of the public authorities law and the state finance law relating thereto (Part J); relates to the transfer of certain employees of the division of military and naval affairs to the office of general services (Part K); relates to contracts at secure facilities (Part L); relates to the preferred sources program for commodities or services (Part N); relates to the information required to be included in payroll records (Part O); relates to unlawful discriminatory practices by educational institutions (Part V); relates to reporting requirements for the START-UP NY program (Part X); relates to the calculation of weekly employment insurance benefits for workers who are partially unemployed and repeals certain provisions of the labor law relating thereto (Part Y); provides for the administration of certain funds and accounts related to the 2017-18 budget and authorizing certain payments and transfers; relates to the deposit provisions of the tobacco settlement financing corporation act; relates to funding project costs undertaken by non-public schools; relates to funding project costs for certain capital projects; relates to the issuance of bonds; relates to housing program bonds and notes; relates to the issuance of bonds by the dormitory authority; relates to the issuance of bonds by the urban development corporation; relates to the state environmental infrastructure projects; authorizes the urban development corporation to issue bonds to fund project costs for the implementation of a NY-CUNY challenge grant program; relates to increasing the aggregate amount of bonds to be issued by the New York state urban development corporation; relates to the financing of peace bridge and transportation capital projects; relates to dormitories at certain educational institutions other than state operated institutions and statutory or contract colleges under the jurisdiction of the state university of New York; relates to bonds and mental health facilities improvement notes; relates to increasing the amount of authorized matching capital grants; relates to authorization for issuance of bonds for the capital restructuring bond finance programs and the health care facility transformation program; relates to special apportionments of the EXCEL program; relates to library facilities; relates to the financing of the MTA transportation facilities; relates to the replacement of lost certificates; relates to bonds or notes of the New York state Thruway authority; repeals sections 58, 59 and 60 of the state finance law relating thereto; and provides for the repeal of certain provisions upon expiration thereof (Part Z); relates to workers' compensation insurance rates (Part AA); relates to early voting for the general and primary election (Part BB); relates to political contributions by limited liability companies (Part CC); enacts the Voter Enfranchisement Modernization Act; relates to establishing the electronic personal voter registration process; relates to establishing an electronic registration process integrated within designated agency applications (Part DD); relates to the operation and administration of the legislature (Part EE); authorizes an increase in aid and incentives for municipalities' base level grants (Part FF); provides limitations on monies received and expended by a party committee which are exempt from contribution and receipt limits (Part GG); relates to creating the state office of the utility consumer advocate (Part HH); relates to utility intervenor reimbursement and establishing the utility intervenor account (Part II); relates to plans for representation of persons accused of a crime or certain parties in family court or surrogate's court (Part JJ); relates to the cost effectiveness of consultant contracts by state agencies; defines "consultant services" (Part KK); relates to prohibiting the reduction of visiting hours at correctional facilities (Part LL); relates to assignment of counsel (Part MM); relates to defining prior year aid (Part NN); relates to time limits for a speedy trial (Part OO); relates to certificates to a charitable bail organization to deposit money as bail under certain circumstances (Part PP).
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