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S02005 Summary:

Amd Various Laws, generally
Enacts into law major components of legislation necessary to implement the state public protection and general government budget for the 2017-2018 state fiscal year; extends provisions of law relating to the psychological testing of candidates, to expanding the geographic area of employment of certain police officers, to prisoner furloughs in certain cases and the crime of absconding therefrom, to correctional facilities, to inmate work release, furlough and leave, certain provisions which impact upon expenditure of certain appropriations made by chapter 50 of the laws of 1994 enacting the state operations budget, to the incarceration fee, to merging the department of correctional services and division of parole into the department of corrections and community supervision, to taxes, surcharges, fees and funding, to prison and jail housing and alternatives to detention and incarceration programs, relating to taxes, to the expiration of the mandatory surcharge and victim assistance fee; to the ignition interlock device program, to the merit provisions of the correction law and the penal law, to prisoner litigation reform, to the inmate filing fee, to provisions of the civil practice law and rules and general filing fee, to the expiration of certain provisions of the criminal procedure law requiring the arrest of certain persons engaged in family violence, to the use of closed-circuit television and other protective measures for certain child witnesses, to the sentencing reform act of 1995, to electronic court appearance in certain counties, to enacting the interstate compact for adult offender supervision, to limiting the closing of certain correctional facilities, providing for the custody by the department of correctional services of inmates serving definite sentences, providing for custody of federal prisoners and requiring the closing of certain correctional facilities, to military funds of the organized militia, to providing for community treatment facilities and establishing the crime of absconding from the community treatment facility (Part A); relates to cyber crimes (Subpart A); relates to a cyber security report (Subpart B); relates to cyber security initiative (Subpart C); relates to a cyber security action plan (Subpart D) (Part C); relates to requiring all statements made during custodial interrogations to be recorded, including the provision of the defendant with his or her rights; regulates eyewitness identifications of criminal defendants and the use thereof as evidence, provides for the reimbursement by the state for indigent criminal legal representation to counties and cities for defendants at or below 125% of the federal poverty level; directs the office of indigent legal services to implement a plan regarding such services; relates to the establishment of a hate crimes task force; relates to cemetery desecration and repeals certain provisions of law related thereto; relates to criminal mischief and larceny offense committed at a place of religious worship and to cemetery desecration; relates to hate crimes; relates to bias-related graffiti, the disposition of graffiti offenses, graffiti for the purpose of promoting gang related activities and graffiti upon religious property (Part F); relates to expanding eligibility for awards to victims of certain crimes not resulting in physical injury (Part G); relates to the reimbursement for loss of savings of a vulnerable elderly person or an incompetent or physically disabled person (Part H); enacts the "New York state Buy American Act"; relates to the use of American-made iron, steel, aluminum, concrete and manufactured products in certain government contracts Part (J); extends the expiration, until June 30, 2019, of certain provisions of the public buildings law relating to value limitations on contracts (Part L); relates to the timeframe for applications for businesses to locate within a campus, university or college sponsored tax-free NY area (Part X); relates to certain employers unemployment insurance account contributions and preventing paid family leave from impacting an employers experience rating (Part Y); relates to the administration of certain funds and accounts relates to the 2017-18 budget and authorizing certain payments and transfers (Part Z); establishes a single town court to serve the towns of Erin and Chemung in Chemung county (Part BB); relates to extending the filing deadline from two years to five years for active and retired firefighters in the New York state and local police and fire retirement system (Part CC); relates to provisions for home care and hospice in comprehensive emergency plans (Part DD); eliminates the expiration of certain provisions of the general municipal law, relating to granting localities greater contract flexibility and cost savings by permitting certain shared purchasing among political subdivisions (Part EE); relates to improving evaluations of the potential impact of rules on jobs and employment opportunities (Part FF); establishes the state police communication interoperability demonstration project; authorizes the state police to conduct interoperability demonstration project for the purpose of testing the use of established techniques to promote more efficient communications for state and local law enforcement agencies; makes related provisions (Part GG); relates to the judicial diversion program for certain felony offenders (Part HH); relates to the judicial diversion program for alcohol and substance abuse offenders; requires court to consider, review and document evidence relating to a defendant's propensity for violent conduct prior to ordering such defendant into a judicial diversion program; establishes to crime of unauthorized departure from a rehabilitation facility (Part II); provides for electronic monitoring of defendants in judicial diversion programs (Part JJ); relates to the sale of sparkling devices outside of cities with a population of one million or more (Part KK); enacts the criminal street gang act; defines offenses; increases penalties; provides for gang prevention programs in schools; establishes the criminal street gang prevention fund; and develops a comprehensive approach to protecting public interests from gang related crime and violence (Part LL); expands the definition of "criminal act", for purposes of enterprise corruption, to include computer offenses, identity theft, criminal use of an access device and unlawful possession of personal identification information or a skimmer (Part MM); relates to the removal of an action from a problem solving court; provides that a "problem solving court" shall include, but not be limited to, drug court, domestic violence court, youth court, mental health court and veterans court (Part NN); enacts the "youth violence prevention task force act" to create the youth violence prevention task force to study and evaluate the effectiveness of current and existing programs related to the prevention of youth violence (Part OO); relates to written translation of orders of protection in a proceeding where the court has appointed an interpreter (Part PP); relates to a comprehensive study on the reutilization of nuclear facilities (Part QQ); relates to funding local government entities from the urban development corporation (Part RR); directs certain state agencies to maintain full time equivalent positions and to report on total number of workers, overtime hours and temporary and per diem workers (Part SS); relates to an expansion of insurance coverage for volunteer firefighters (Part TT).
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