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S02005 Summary:

Amd Various Laws, generally
Enacts into law major components of legislation necessary to implement the state public protection and general government budget for the 2017-2018 state fiscal year; relates to extending various criminal justice and public safety programs that would otherwise sunset (Part A); relates to criminal possession of marihuana in the fifth degree (Part B); relates to cybercrimes (Part C); relates to statements of those accused of crimes and eyewitness identifications, to enhance criminal investigations and prosecutions and to promote confidence in the criminal justice system of this state; relates to the implementation of a plan regarding indigent legal services; relates to fees collected; relates to certain fees collected by the office of court administration; relates to biennial registration fees for attorneys; relates to the termination of the suspension fee for a license to operate a motor vehicle (Part D); relates to correction reform; authorizes the commissioner of corrections and community supervision to establish the conditions of parole in certain instances; establishes earned reductions during post-release supervision; adds two programs that qualify for limited credit time allowance; conforms the remaining non-violent state prison sentences (Part E); relates to the establishment of a hate crime task force (Part F); expands the list of qualifying crimes for which a victim may receive an award through the office of victim services (Part G); relates to the reimbursement for loss of savings of a vulnerable elderly person or an incompetent or physically disabled person (Part H); relates to additional duties of the commissioner of general services (Part I); establishes the "New York Buy American act"; defines terms; requires that all state contracts and requests for bids and proposals for such contracts which state that a preference is given to bidders and proposers who agree to provide products manufactured in America; provides exemptions; requires product certifications; makes related provisions (Part J); relates to the transfer of employees of the division of military and naval affairs in the unclassified service of the state who are substantially engaged in the performance of duties to support business and financial services, administrative services, payroll administration, time and attendance, benefit administration and other transactional human resources functions to the office of general services (Part K); relates to extending provisions of the public buildings law relating to value limitations on contracts and contracts for construction projects (Part L); relates to contracts for bidding without competitive bidding (Part M); relates to the preferred sources programs for commodities or services (Part N); relates to the right to cancel an insurance policy for failure by an employer to cooperate with a payroll audit, to the collection of premiums in case of default, and to the information required to be included in payroll records (Part O); relates to the investment of surplus funds of the state insurance fund (Part P); relates to term appointments to temporary positions in information technology (Part Q); relates to interest rates paid by certain public corporations upon judgments and accrued claims, in relation to interest rates paid by certain public corporations (Part R); relates to the reimbursement of medicare premium charges in such that effective January 1, 2017 there will be no payment whatsoever for the income related monthly adjustment for amounts incurred on or before January 1, 2017 to any active or retired employee and his or her dependents (Part S); relates to the state's contribution to the cost of health insurance premium and subscription charges for retirees of the state and their dependents (Part T); relates to the county-wide shared services property tax savings plan by allowing for the creation thereof (Part U); relates to unlawful discriminatory practices by educational institutions (Part V); relates to enacting the New York state consolidated laboratory project act (Part W); relates to participation in the excelsior business program by businesses and educational institutions (Part X); relates to amending unemployment insurance benefits for earnings disregard (Part Y); provides for the administration of certain funds and accounts related to the 2017-18 budget and authorizing certain payments and transfers; relates to the school tax relief fund and payments, transfers and deposits; relates to funding project costs for certain capital projects; relates to the issuance of bonds in the financing of the correctional facilities improvement fund and the youth facility improvement fund; relates to housing program bonds and notes; relates to the issuance of bonds in relation to the dedicated highway and bridge trust fund; relates to the dormitory authority; relates to the issuance of bonds by the urban development corporation in relation to the administration of certain funds and accounts related to the 2005-2006 budget; relates to the state environmental infrastructure projects; authorizes the urban development corporation to issue bonds to fund project costs for the implementation of a NY-CUNY challenge grant program; relates to increasing the aggregate amount of bonds to be issued by the New York state urban development corporation; relates to the financing of peace bridge and transportation capital projects; relates to dormitories at certain educational institutions other than state operated institutions and statutory or contract colleges under the jurisdiction of the state university of New York; relates to bonds and mental health facilities improvement notes; relates to increasing the amount of authorized matching capital grants; relates to the division of military and naval affairs capital projects; relates to authorization for certain bonds; relates to funding certain capital projects and the issuance of bonds; repeals certain sections of the state finance law relating thereto; and provides for the repeal of certain provisions upon expiration thereof (Part Z); and relates to rates for workers' compensation rate service organizations (Part AA).
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