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S02009 Summary:

Amd Various Laws, generally
Enacts into law major components of legislation necessary to implement the state fiscal plan for the 2017-2018 state fiscal year; relates to the school tax reduction credit for residents of a city with a population of one million or more; and repeals section 54-f of the state finance law relating thereto (Part C) relates to the veterans' home assistance fund (Part J); relates to life sciences companies (Part K); extends the empire state film production credit and the empire state film post production credit for three years (Part M); relates to the treatment of single member limited liability companies that are disregarded entities in determining eligibility for tax credits (Part S); increases the child and dependent care tax credit (Part T); grants the state gaming commission exclusive jurisdiction over all forms of charitable gaming, including bingo, bell jars, etc; prohibits expenditure of public assistance benefits on participating in charitable gaming (Part MM); relates to membership of the board of directors of the New York racing association (Part NN); relates to licenses for simulcast facilities, sums relating to track simulcast, simulcast of out-of-state thoroughbred races, simulcasting of races run by out-of-state harness tracks and distributions of wagers; extending certain provisions thereof; and extends certain provisions relating to the racing, pari-mutuel wagering and breeding law (Part OO); relates to vendor fees paid to vendor tracks in Sullivan County (Part PP); relates to capital awards to vendor tracks (Part QQ); relates to the distribution of certain gaming aid (Part RR); relates to business income base and certain small business taxpayers (Part SS); increases a real property tax credit for certain New York manufacturers (Part TT); relates to tax credits for farms located in Nassau, Suffolk or Westchester county (Part UU); relates to the tax investment credit for certain taxpayers that operate a farm operation when the credit exceeds the tax due such taxpayer shall receive a refund (Part VV); relates to a tax credit for donation of wholesome food to a food bank or other emergency food program by eligible New York state farmers (Part WW); relates to minimum wage reimbursement credit (Part XX); relates to the STAR exemption for property owned by a small business (Part YY); relates to the use of fulfillment services of certain persons (Part ZZ); relates to qualified financial instruments of RICS and REITS specifically those that are not a captive RIC or captive REIT (Part AAA); relates to exempting unitary corporation dividends from the definition of business capital for the purposes of the franchise tax on business corporations (Part BBB); relates to the amount of credit towards sales and compensating use taxes for vendors (Part CCC); establishes the empire state music production credit and the empire state digital gaming media production credit; defines terms (Part DDD); relates to providing certain tax credits for construction or rehabilitation of middle-income housing (Part EEE); authorizes the withdrawal of certain funds by school districts (Part FFF); relates to a credit for purchase, construction or retrofitting of a principal residence to achieve universal visitability pursuant to guidelines developed by the division of code enforcement and administration within the department of state; caps tax credits awarded at 1 million dollars per year for 5 years (Part GGG); relates to the imposition of tax and rate (Part HHH); includes any agency of instrumentality of the state of New York within the definition of employer for the metropolitan commuter transportation mobility tax (Part III); relates to the metropolitan transportation business tax surcharge (Part JJJ); relates to increasing the exemption for pensions and annuities for certain persons (Part KKK); relates to increasing the tax credits for premiums paid for long-term care insurance (Part LLL); relates to establishing in individual taxpayer deduction of ten thousand dollars for the adoption of a child with special needs, under the age of eighteen who possesses a specific physical, mental, or emotional condition or disability of such severity or kind that it constitutes an obstacle to the child's adoption (Part MMM); relates to cost of living adjustment (Part NNN); relates to returns and liabilities (Part OOO); relates to personal income tax refunds, providing that they may be sent to designated accounts, up to three accounts with financial institutions that have routing and account numbers and are held in the names of the taxpayer's spouse or joint account; relates to ensuring that designated accounts held in one spouse's name may receive personal income tax refunds from a married filing joint return (Part PPP); relates to removing references to STAR in the real property tax law and tax law; repeals provisions relating to the school tax relief credit (Part QQQ); provides that taxpayers who have applied for the advanced payment of the school tax relief credit but who do not receive such payment on time or in its entirety shall be entitled to receive interest on such payment (Part RRR); exempts certain monuments from sales and use taxes (Part SSS); relates to providing an exception for tangible personal property and services sold by a cemetery and establishes an amnesty program for cemetery corporations (Part TTT); grants sales and use tax exemptions for certain tangible personal property and services used in the operation of recreational skiing facilities (Part UUU); relates to exemptions from the compensating use tax for tastings held by a licensed brewery, farm brewery, cider producer, farm cidery, distillery or farm distillery in accordance with the alcoholic beverage control law (Part VVV); authorizes the commissioner of taxation and finance to calculate the amount of sales tax to be paid on motor fuel and diesel motor fuel based on previous refunds thereof (Part WWW); extends certain provisions relating to relocation and employment assistance credits; extends certain provisions relating to specially eligible premises and special rebates; extends certain provisions relating to exemptions and deductions from base rent; extends certain provisions relating to eligibility periods and requirements, benefit periods and applications for abatements; extends certain provisions relating to a special reduction in determining the taxable base rent; extends certain provisions relating to applications for abatement of tax payments (Part XXX); establishes the "education affordability act" and tax credit (Part YYY); establishes the green building credit for construction or rehabilitation of property in conformity with certain energy efficiency standards (Part ZZZ); establishes a forestry stewardship and habitat conservation credit for personal income and business franchise taxes (Part AAAA); eliminates the expiration of and makes permanent provisions of law establishing the property tax cap (Part BBBB); relates to a qualified entity that has previously been designated as a New York state incubator and has not fully disbursed any grants awarded and shall continue being designated as such by the corporation for an additional three years (Part CCCC); relates to fiscal requirements with respect to conducting horse races at raceways and racetracks, and relating to disposition of certain revenue (Part DDDD); relates to authorizing the New York Jockey Injury Compensation Fund, Inc. to provide insurance coverage for employees of trainers or owners (Part EEEE); allows certain interactive poker games be considered games of skill rather than games of luck; includes definitions, authorization, required safeguards and minimum standards, the scope of licensing review and state tax implications; makes corresponding penal law amendments (Part FFFF); creates the five member, racing fan advisory council, within the New York state gaming commission to aid in the growth of the fan base related to the sport of horse racing (Part GGGG); relates to an additional vendor's marketing allowance (Part HHHH); relates to allowable college tuition expenses (Part IIII); establishes the New York state college debt freedom program to provide tax credit for employer contributions toward student loans (Part JJJJ); relates to establishing a spending cap on, and increasing the capacity of, the rainy day fund (Part KKKK); relates to requiring the casino to cover the cost of applying for approval, denial or renewal of employee licensing (Part LLLL); and relates to advertising during quick draw and lottery tickets (Part MMMM).
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