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A02596 Summary:

BILL NO    A02596A


SPONSOR    Zebrowski

COSPNSR    Gunther, Millman, Titone, Raia, Tedisco, Giglio, Montesano, Corwin,
           McDonough, Lentol, Gabryszak, Hevesi, Mosley, Malliotakis

MLTSPNSR   Brook-Krasny, Colton, Dinowitz, Gottfried, Lalor, McDonald,
           Simanowitz, Sweeney, Weisenberg

Add S195.06-A, Pen L

Provides that when a person intentionally kills a police work horse or police
work dog in the performance of its duties under the supervision of a police
officer it shall constitute a class E felony.
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A02596 Memo:


TITLE  OF BILL:  An act to amend the penal law, in relation to killing
or injuring a police animal

PURPOSE:  To protect police work dogs and horses who are killed  while
performing their duty.

SUMMARY OF PROVISIONS:  Article 195 of the Penal Law is amended to add
a new section 195.05-a which would make intentionally killing a police
work dog or police work horse a Class E Felony.

JUSTIFICATION:  State and local law enforcement agencies and emergency
services have increasingly relied on the use of dogs for assistance in
crime solving, rescue and recovery operations. These animals serve the
people  of  New  York  State  through the use of their keen senses, In
addition, State and local police and the emergency services  invest  a
great  deal  of  time and resources in the training of these crime and
recovery assistants. The loss of a police work dog is not only a  loss
to the law enforcement departments but also the citizens of New York,


S.4701  of  1997/1998;  Referred  to  Senate Codes Committee S.4448 of
1999/2000;  Referred  to  Senate  Codes  Committee  S.1901/A.1369   of
2001/2002;   Referred   to  Senate  Codes  Committee  S.561/A.1615  of
2003/2004; Passed  Senate  S.701-A/A.296-A  2005/2005;  Passed  Senate
S.253-A  of  2007/2008; Passed Senate S.1403 of 2009/2010; Referred to
Senate Codes Committee S.518 of 2011/2012; Referred to codes


EFFECTIVE DATE:  This act shall take effect on the first  of  November
next succeeding the date on which it shall have become a law.
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