A03350 Summary:

BILL NO    A03350B


SPONSOR    Sweeney (MS)

COSPNSR    Millman, Paulin, Galef, Rosenthal, Fahy

MLTSPNSR   Dinowitz, Hooper, Markey, Weisenberg

Add Art 142 SS7050 - 7059, Ed L

Provides for the licensing of genetic counselors; creates the state committee
for genetic counseling.
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A03350 Actions:

BILL NO    A03350B

01/24/2013 referred to higher education
01/08/2014 referred to higher education
02/25/2014 amend and recommit to higher education
02/25/2014 print number 3350a
06/13/2014 amend and recommit to higher education
06/13/2014 print number 3350b
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A03350 Memo:


TITLE OF BILL:  An act to amend the education law, in relation to
licensing of genetic counselors

PURPOSE:  This legislation would establish genetic counseling as a
licensed profession.

SUMMARY OF PROVISIONS:  This legislation would establish genetic
counseling as a licensed profession in New York State. The bill would
provide for licensure, provisional licensure, professional standards,
continuing education requirements, conduct and registration of genetic

JUSTIFICATION:  In the last decade, advances in technology and the
understanding of human genetics have rapidly expanded the number of
tests available to directly test for genetic conditions and genetic
susceptibility to common diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart
disease. New methods in gene sequencing have made mapping an
individual's entire genome a reality. This technology promises to
deliver individualized medicine to the public in the very near future.

Interpretation of genetic/genomic test results is complex and requires
specialized knowledge and communication skills to: determine whether
the patient wants and needs the test; ensure that the patient is
taking the most appropriate genetic/genomic test; provide the patient
with necessary information to obtain informed consent required by New
York State law; facilitate proper medical management based on the
patient's genetic/genomic test results; and appropriately disseminate
the genetic information to the patient's health care providers and
at-risk family members. Genetic counselors who have met the
educational requirements and certification standards as established by
this legislation are ensured of possessing these requisite skills.

New Yorkers deserve a competent health care workforce that can help to
apply genomic information to the public with safety and human rights
in mind. The State of New York has a long tradition of protecting the
safety and health of individual recipients of professional services by
setting high standards for the licensing and conduct of providers of
such services. This legislation would ensure the benefits of
genetic/genomic information for those who seek it, by ensuring that
genetic counselors are licensed and accountable.

LEGISLATIVE HISTORY:  2011-12 S.3514/A.5641; 2009-10 S.2757/A.5766;
2007-08, S.1858-A/A.3556A; 2005-06, S.4532/A.8065; 2003-04
S.287A/A.10539; 2001-02 S.2471/A.2360; 2000 S.7563/A.9876.

FISCAL IMPLICATIONS:  Any fiscal implications related to licensure of
the genetic counselors, would be offset through license fees.

EFFECTIVE DATE:  18 months after becoming a law, provided that
continuing education requirements shall take effect three years after
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