A03816 Summary:

BILL NO    A03816 

SAME AS    No same as 

SPONSOR    Wright



Amd Ed L, generally; amd SS206-a, 238, 579, 585, 2801-b, 2803-d, 2805-k,
2995-d, 3302 & 3515, Pub Health L; amd SS365-a, 365-g & 413, Soc Serv L; amd
S1212-A, Tax L; amd S404-a, V & T L; amd SS1204 & 1302, Lim Lil L; amd S1.03,
Ment Hyg L; amd S50-d, Gen Muni L; amd SS3216, 4235, 4301, 5501, 5502, 5505 &
5506, Ins L; amd SS1504 & 1526, BC L; amd SS3012-a & 4504, CPLR; amd S396-d,
County L; amd Work Comp L, generally

Changes the name of practitioners of podiatry from podiatrists to podiatric
physicians in numerous provisions of law.
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A03816 Actions:

BILL NO    A03816 

01/27/2015 referred to higher education
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A03816 Votes:

There are no votes for this bill in this legislative session.
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A03816 Memo:

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A03816 Text:

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