K00485 Summary:

MLTSPNSRArroyo, Brennan, Brindisi, Buchwald, Camara, Cook, Crespo, DenDekker, Espinal, Fahy, Gjonaj, Glick, Goodell, Gottfried, Heastie, Jacobs, Jaffee, Kearns, Kim, Lupardo, Magnarelli, Maisel, Mayer, Miller, Millman, Mosley, Moya, Ortiz, Paulin, Peoples-Stokes, Perry, Roberts, Rodriguez, Rosa, Rosenthal, Russell, Scarborough, Sepulveda, Solages, Sweeney, Thiele, Titone, Titus, Weprin
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05/23/2013referred to governmental operations
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K00485 Text:

Assembly Resolution No. 485
BY: M. of A. Rozic
        URGING the New York State Congressional delegation
        to    enact    comprehensive    immigration   reform
  WHEREAS, The United States is predominantly a nation  of  immigrants
that draws strength from the diversity of its residents; and
  WHEREAS,  The  cultural diversity of immigrants to the United States
adds to the social fabric of this nation, and the new ideas and energies
immigrants contribute to the  economy  strengthening  the  nation  as  a
whole; and
  WHEREAS,  This Legislative Body believes in the human dignity of all
residents of the United States, regardless of their immigration  status,
and  recognizes the importance of the many contributions that immigrants
have made to the social and economic fabric of New York; and
  WHEREAS, Comprehensive immigration reform policies must help reunite
families and reduce immigration backlogs; and
  WHEREAS, This Legislative  Body  supports  immigration  reform  that
keeps  families  together,  upholds  our  values  as  a nation, promotes
economic growth and provides long-term solutions to the current problems
resulting from our immigration system; and
  WHEREAS, Keeping families together not only is the  right  thing  to
do,  but is also good for the economy because families provide a base of
support that increases worker productivity and  spurs  entrepreneurship;
  WHEREAS, Immigration is a federal responsibility and a comprehensive
approach  to  solve  our  broken immigration system would strengthen our
state's and nation's economy and free aspiring citizens to make an  even
greater contribution to our communities; and
  WHEREAS,  The  federal  government's  inability to enact immigration
reform has created severe economic, cultural and political strains  here
and in communities across the country; and
  WHEREAS,  Comprehensive  immigration  reform  must  update the legal
immigration system so that the future flow  of  immigrant  workers  more
realistically  matches  our  nation's  labor  needs and is structured to
protect the wages and working conditions of U.S. and immigrant  workers;
  WHEREAS,  Any  new  worker  visa  program  must  provide  for strict
compliance with U.S.  labor  standards  and  wage  and  hour  standards;
portability  of  visas  so that workers can change jobs; and the ability
for workers to petition for permanent residency; and
  WHEREAS, The reform of our nation's immigration system must occur in
a thoughtful manner which builds  the  strength  and  unity  of  working
people,  and  guarantees the same rights, obligations and basic fairness
for all workers, no matter their country of birth or origin; and
  WHEREAS,  Comprehensive  immigration reform must include a realistic
pathway to  citizenship  for  all  hardworking  and  taxpaying  aspiring
citizens who live in this country and meet reasonable requirements; and
  WHEREAS,  Comprehensive  immigration  reform  must include a funding
stream to address the entire spectrum of fiscal  impacts  that  will  be
experienced  by  state  governments  as  a  result of programs for guest
workers, earned legalization and increases in the number of  immigrants;
  WHEREAS,   The  United  States  is  now  home  to  some  11  million
undocumented immigrants, including millions of children brought to  this
country illegally who have grown up here and know no home other than the
United States; and
  WHEREAS,  Children  without  legal  status in the United States face
difficult and  often  insurmountable  obstacles  to  such  resources  as
obtaining  education and employment, accessing health care and acquiring
a driver's license; and
  WHEREAS, Comprehensive immigration reform must provide a  meaningful
opportunity  for  immigrant  students to pursue a college education, and
the passing of the DREAM Act must be central to any legislation; and
  WHEREAS, New York has a special pride as a traditional  "Gateway  to
America," is home to many immigrants and is the capital of the "cultural
melting pot," which is New York's unique culture; and
  WHEREAS,  New  York, therefore, has a strong interest in immigration
policy and the impact it has on immigrants seeking a  new  life  in  the
United States; and
  WHEREAS,  The  New  York  economy  is fueled by the labor of migrant
workers; it is imperative that any temporary worker program must provide
workers with full labor and civil rights protections and the opportunity
to pursue legal permanent residency in the United States; and
  WHEREAS, Comprehensive immigration reform must seek to  improve  the
conditions  for  migrant  and  seasonal  workers,  many  of whom work in
agricultural jobs; if these conditions are addressed through a temporary
worker program, it must  provide  labor  and  wage  protections  and  an
opportunity for workers to pursue legal permanent residency; and
  WHEREAS, In particular, this Legislative Body must provide temporary
workers  with  full  labor  and civil rights, the right to organize, the
right to change jobs and the right to remain with  their  families,  and
must vigorously enforce these rights; and
  WHEREAS,  Many  migrants face significant barriers when they attempt
to acquire the skills needed to participate in our nation's civic  life;
those  who  wish  to  pursue  English Language Learning (ELL) and civics
instruction  often   face   waiting   lists   or   crowded   classrooms;
comprehensive  immigration  reform  provides  a  critical opportunity to
promote ELL and civic instruction and make more resources available  for
adult education services; and
  WHEREAS,  United  States  immigration policies must actively promote
the civic integration of newcomers to decrease the  barriers  when  they
attempt  to  acquire  the  skills  needed to participate in our nation's
civic life such as English instruction and  civic  proficiency  courses;
  WHEREAS,   Naturalized   Latino  and  Asian  citizens  benefit  from
instruction  in  U.S.  history   and   the   importance   of   electoral
participation,   and   vote  at  higher  rates  than  their  native-born
counterparts, thereby strengthening our democracy; and
  WHEREAS, For example, in 2008, 45% of  eligible  native-born  Asians
and  48%  of  eligible  native-born  Latinos  voted  in the Presidential
election, compared to 49% of eligible naturalized Asian adults  and  54%
of eligible naturalized Latino adults; and
  WHEREAS,  The  federal  government  must  take  action to reform our
immigration  laws  to  continue   our   heritage   of   immigration   by
incorporating  President  Obama's  Executive Order into law which grants
work permits and permission to stay in America  for  anyone  brought  to
this  country  before  they  were 16 years of age, and by establishing a
path to citizenship for all immigrants who have not  committed  criminal
offenses and protects the unity; and
  WHEREAS,  Our nation's security and public safety are best protected
by effective and fair immigration enforcement measures; our  immigration
enforcement  policies  must not diminish the due process rights afforded
to our nation's residents, and sanctity of the family; and
  WHEREAS, The United States must provide  resources  for  immigration
enforcement  and  implement  enforcement  measures  that will accomplish
these goals in an effective and humane manner; now, therefore, be it
  RESOLVED, That the New York State Congressional  delegation  be  and
hereby  is  respectfully  memorialized by this Legislative Body to enact
comprehensive immigration reform legislation that addresses  (1)  earned
legalization  with a path to citizenship; (2) updated future immigration
of families and workers; and (3) improved  immigration  enforcement  and
border  security  that is consistent with our nation's values; and be it
  RESOLVED, That copies of this  Resolution,  suitably  engrossed,  be
transmitted  to  each  member  of  the Congressional delegation from the
State of New York.
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