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Joseph S. Saladino
Assembly District 9
Sponsored Legislation

Prime-Sponsored Legislation:

A07064Requires sprinkler system and direct alarm system where animals are housed or displayed; except farms and circuses
A07065Restricts level two and level three sex offenders from residing certain places
A07066Relates to sentencing for certain sexual offenses; repealer
A07068Requires educational facilities to be constructed or retrofitted with automatic sprinkler systems; appropriation
A07070Provides for the designation of trap zones in the Great South Bay, in a manner as not to impede boating traffic
A07074Enacts Jonny's law, which requires parents to cause to be conducted drug tests on their children entering grades 9 through 12
A07075Requires state aid to school districts to reflect regional costs of living
A07076Provides that credit for time served shall not be granted to a defendant who has failed to appear at any time at the direction of the court
A07077Restricts level two and three sex offenders from residing within one-half mile of the residence of a victim of their abuse
A07078Increases penalty from misdemeanor to felony for failure to file or verify by a sex offender as required by law
A07079Records of sex offense cases of juvenile delinquents and youthful offenders where victim was a minor shall be open to public inspection
A07081Relates to requiring automated external defibrillators to be available in all state police barracks, sub-stations and vehicles
A07082Provides that any bill containing an unfunded mandate shall bear the words "UNFUNDED MANDATE" on the face of the bill
A07084Requires the state to reimburse municipalities for loss of real property tax revenue resulting from establishment of community residential facilities
A07087Exempts the sale of fuel by a waterfront or marine use fueling facility for use in any water craft from use tax
A07088Exempts employers and self-employed individuals in Nassau county from the metropolitan commuter transportation mobility tax
A07089Authorizes the county of Nassau to elect to be exempt from certain taxes related to any solar energy systems installed in such county
A07092Prohibits placement of level two and level three sex offenders in any temporary emergency housing or homeless shelters used to house families with children
A07093Eliminates the alternative of strict and intensive supervision and treatment for sex offenders requiring civil management; repealer
A07095Exempts all non-city income for nonresident N.Y. city employees and their spouses
A07096Provides an exemption from sales and use taxes for certain items sold at school sponsored programs
A07098Exempts articles of personal property reasonably related to the currently enumerated exempt articles relating to disabilities
A09491Directs the department of environmental conservation to expedite groundwater cleanup efforts of the Navy Grumman plume
A09492Directs the department of environmental conservation to create a report to hydraulically contain and remediate the Navy Grumman plume
A09527Allows the Massapequa board of education to provide certain children transportation to school for a lesser distance than two miles
A09854Relates to state of emergency protocol

Prime-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
There are no bills of this type.

Co-Sponsored Legislation:
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Co-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
A09943   A10139   A10161   A10163   A10164   A10168  

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