Press Releases

Assemblywoman Jean-Pierre’s Boating Safety Legislation Passes Assembly

Assemblywoman Jean-Pierre Statement on Tuesday’s Amityville School Bus Crash

Assemblywoman Jean-Pierre’s Bills Provide Tax Relief to Homeowners Affected by Superstorm Sandy

Assemblywoman Jean-Pierre: Assembly Legislation Strengthens Protections for New Yorkers with Disabilities

Assemblywoman Jean-Pierre’s Legislation Would Help Identify Opioids in Fatal Overdoses

Assemblywoman Jean-Pierre Passes Legislation Giving Control of Teacher Evaluations Back to Local School Districts

Assemblywoman Jean-Pierre: Child Victims Act Gives Survivors More Time to Seek Justice

Assemblywoman Jean-Pierre: We Must Act Now to Preserve Our Planet for Future Generations

Assemblywoman Jean-Pierre: Crime Victims Deserve Justice, Support

Assemblywoman Jean-Pierre Sponsors Field Trip for Amityville Students

Assemblywoman Jean-Pierre: Pay Gap Hinders Our Economic Future

Assemblywoman Jean-Pierre Passes Legislation to Make Voting More Accessible and Limit Influence of Special Interests

Assemblywoman Jean-Pierre: We Can’t Wait Any Longer for Equal Pay

Assemblywoman Jean-Pierre Secures Funding in State Budget to Combat Gun Violence in Wyandanch

Assemblywoman Jean-Pierre: State Budget Ensures Local Students Have the Resources They Need to Grow

Assemblywoman Jean-Pierre’s Bill Supporting Early Breast Cancer Detection Again Passes Assembly

Assemblywoman Jean-Pierre: Assembly Budget Provides Critical Funding to Combat Opioid Crisis

Assemblywoman Jean-Pierre: Assembly Budget Proposal Invests in Long Island Schools

Assemblywoman Jean-Pierre Stands Up for Women’s Rights

Assemblywoman Jean-Pierre Takes Action to Protect Long Island from Gun Violence