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Andrew P. Raia
Assembly District 12
Sponsored Legislation

Prime-Sponsored Legislation:

A04460Makes provisions increasing the criminal penalties for crimes of vehicular assault, vehicular manslaughter and leaving the scene
A04461Provides for reimbursement to defendant when defense of justification is successful
A04462Relates to school district bonds and notification to taxpayers
A04465Requires the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) to continue providing half fare transportation for aged and handicapped persons
A04473Requires tolls and revenues from bridges and tunnels in NY and NJ to be used for the construction, maintenance and operation of said bridges and tunnels
A04479Relates to the effect of restraint on judgement debtor's banking institution account
A04480Provides for mandatory imprisonment and plea restrictions for offenses victimizing the elderly and physically disabled
A04481Establishes the N.Y. state lifespan respite care program in the office for the aging for purposes of fostering development of community respite care programs
A04483Establishes a personal income tax credit for health insurance premiums paid by a taxpayer
A04492Sets forth procedure by which commissioner of education can designate official state book for period of one year
A04493Relates to fees for licenses for disabled persons injured in the course of World Trade Center rescue activities or cleanup operations
A04496Relates to passenger registration of pickup trucks
A04497Requires certain signage on vehicles used by any individual with a probationary license
A04498Creates within the office of general services a home ownership and local development program
A04501Relates to the health care practitioner volunteer program
A04503Authorizes peace officers and police officers to impound vehicle when the driver of such vehicle fails to produce an insurance identification card
A04504Relates to school lunch procurement and request for proposals
A04505Relates to the offense of unauthorized use of a vehicle in third degree
A04514Requires full disclosure of the amount and duration of assessments in insurance policies
A04515Requires the governing body of each school district which eliminates teaching positions and costs to decrease a proportional amount in administrative costs
A04518Justifies the use of physical force on grounds surrounding a dwelling
A04525Proposes an amendment to the constitution to allow school districts to give or loan money or property to or in aid of an individual or private corporation
A04531Provides before filing of a notice of lien, certification from county of filing authorizing lienor to conduct businesses set forth in notice must be attached
A04535Confers arrest powers on harbor masters and bay constables acting pursuant to their special duties
A04538Provides a tax exemption on real property owned by members of volunteer fire companies or volunteer ambulance services in a certain county
A04543Prohibits idling of heavy duty vehicles and sets forth exceptions
A04544Increases the penalties for violations relating to the licensing of drivers
A04545Authorizes municipalities in Suffolk county to establish programs for senior citizen rent real property tax exemptions and abatements
A04546Provides for appointment of election inspectors by minority parties
A04547Requires municipal approval of and a public hearing on the siting of community residential facilities and removes the property tax exemption
A04548Authorizes the personal presence of crime victims during trial
A04583Establishes the physicians, dentists and clinic charity care credit
A04683Requires that all legislation imposing a fee expire within two years after its effective date
A04716Allows charitable organizations to accept credit cards as a form of payment for games of chance
A04720Exempts refinancing of certain mortgages from tax on mortgages
A04803Provides for free use of state parks for volunteer firefighters with at least forty years of service
A04804Excludes from personal income taxation moneys paid by certain taxpayers over the age of sixty-five for prescription drugs
A04806Creates the crime of vehicular manslaughter in the third degree
A04807Places a limit on the annual salary of state officers and employees
A04815Provides for issuance of order of protection in criminal cases when defendant is found not responsible by reason of mental disease or defect
A04818Increases the amount of the real property tax alternative exemption for veterans
A05132Authorizes the beneficiary of Robert Carballeira to receive an enhanced pension benefit on his behalf
A05655Relates to providing free use of state parks for certified first responders who participated in the rescue effort at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001
A08179Relates to the timing of the commencement of certain engineering, environmental permitting and cost feasibility analysis and studies
A08211Permits the sealing of records of certain nonviolent misdemeanor or non-sexual misdemeanor criminal offenses

Prime-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
There are no bills of this type.

Co-Sponsored Legislation:
A00037   A00047   A00095   A00103   A00134   A00140   A00149   A00166   A00180   A00269   A00352   A00377   A00379   A00387   A00424   A00434   A00486   A00521   A00522   A00528   A00531   A00547   A00564   A00571   A00578   A00626   A00666   A00668   A00697   A00726   A00739   A00747   A00748   A00751   A00779   A00781   A00785   A00799   A00801   A00811   A00836   A00851   A00854   A00925   A00931   A00957   A00958   A00987   A00988   A01032   A01033   A01035   A01036   A01039   A01056   A01059   A01071   A01076   A01091   A01098   A01103   A01105   A01108   A01112   A01132   A01144   A01154   A01157   A01174   A01178   A01182   A01192   A01245   A01297   A01311   A01318   A01323   A01345   A01365   A01366   A01370   A01407   A01417   A01444   A01447   A01457   A01475   A01494   A01535   A01586   A01598   A01603   A01604   A01621   A01626   A01630   A01639   A01654   A01658   A01660   A01675   A01696   A01700   A01716   A01724   A01730   A01762   A01773   A01774   A01775   A01780   A01804   A01807   A01819   A01831   A01840   A01842   A01849   A01854   A01869   A01874   A01879   A01886   A01912   A01916   A01937   A01953   A01967   A02001   A02014   A02024   A02031   A02032   A02045   A02065   A02075   A02104   A02114   A02123   A02126   A02136   A02173   A02177   A02183   A02203   A02215   A02244   A02245   A02251   A02254   A02257   A02261   A02271   A02276   A02277   A02281   A02321   A02331   A02332   A02359   A02375   A02381   A02387   A02392   A02412   A02421   A02424   A02427   A02435   A02437   A02440   A02441   A02443   A02444   A02446   A02459   A02461   A02465   A02468   A02477   A02480   A02484   A02489   A02500   A02503   A02504   A02506   A02516   A02532   A02538   A02548   A02549   A02562   A02564   A02584   A02589   A02590   A02616   A02624   A02625   A02635   A02659   A02691   A02693   A02704   A02707   A02726   A02728   A02754   A02756   A02761   A02768   A02769   A02784   A02809   A02826   A02830   A02860   A02901   A02940   A02952   A02971   A02972   A03024   A03045   A03048   A03049   A03051   A03056   A03084   A03093   A03094   A03101   A03111   A03123   A03128   A03131   A03133   A03134   A03144   A03146   A03153   A03177   A03182   A03200   A03201   A03203   A03227   A03261   A03271   A03294   A03320   A03352   A03383   A03384   A03394   A03422   A03433   A03435   A03458   A03460   A03477   A03525   A03539   A03561   A03574   A03590   A03595   A03603   A03614   A03623   A03624   A03629   A03630   A03648   A03649   A03651   A03652   A03656   A03675   A03676   A03678   A03681   A03703   A03704   A03714   A03718   A03722   A03740   A03745   A03756   A03769   A03775   A03785   A03786   A03801   A03808   A03827   A03846   A03875   A03889   A03896   A03960   A03973   A03978   A03984   A04001   A04005   A04009   A04039   A04046   A04061   A04062   A04072   A04074   A04076   A04082   A04088   A04089   A04091   A04107   A04117   A04119   A04137   A04145   A04152   A04154   A04172   A04175   A04188   A04192   A04238   A04254   A04255   A04275   A04285   A04286   A04290   A04301   A04302   A04313   A04332   A04335   A04346   A04359   A04366   A04370   A04374   A04395   A04418   A04426   A04439   A04506   A04581   A04588   A04617   A04623   A04632   A04638   A04641   A04642   A04643   A04647   A04659   A04677   A04691   A04699   A04706   A04707   A04709   A04710   A04712   A04725   A04747   A04773   A04774   A04777   A04787   A04790   A04794   A04808   A04810   A04822   A04838   A04842   A04850   A04851   A04852   A04853   A04856   A04857   A04858   A04859   A04860   A04864   A04870   A04872   A04873   A04876   A04892   A04896   A04899   A04900   A04902   A04904   A04906   A04908   A04915   A04916   A04917   A04921   A04929   A04934   A04938   A04939   A04942   A04945   A04951   A04954   A04955   A04964   A04977   A04987   A04992   A04993   A05009   A05013   A05037   A05038   A05055   A05056   A05057   A05065   A05094   A05098   A05105   A05125   A05127   A05139   A05142   A05148   A05159   A05160   A05162   A05165   A05177   A05182   A05185   A05188   A05192   A05195   A05196   A05199   A05209   A05215   A05216   A05218   A05230   A05249   A05268   A05273   A05276   A05288   A05289   A05292   A05293   A05294   A05296   A05298   A05300   A05307   A05331   A05349   A05352   A05355   A05361   A05365   A05379   A05395   A05401   A05407   A05409   A05410   A05411   A05422   A05430   A05436   A05443   A05444   A05453   A05454   A05459   A05473   A05492   A05494   A05495   A05504   A05505   A05506   A05507   A05515   A05518   A05519   A05520   A05530   A05531   A05558   A05560   A05563   A05573   A05581   A05582   A05586   A05591   A05595   A05671   A05702   A05703   A05713   A05809   A05812   A05815   A05821   A05824   A05827   A05833   A05852   A05884   A05898   A05906   A05914   A05920   A05958   A05959   A05981   A05999   A06011   A06016   A06020   A06031   A06046   A06053   A06062   A06070   A06084   A06085   A06092   A06093   A06098   A06101   A06106   A06109   A06119   A06152   A06160   A06162   A06164   A06188   A06189   A06190   A06202   A06277   A06323   A06330   A06341   A06343   A06344   A06351   A06363   A06366   A06377   A06395   A06439   A06449   A06467   A06504   A06505   A06506   A06514   A06515   A06516   A06533   A06548   A06568   A06601   A06605   A06611   A06620   A06740   A06752   A06770   A06775   A06776   A06808   A06893   A06895   A06929   A06984   A07004   A07022   A07060   A07072   A07077   A07081   A07082   A07135   A07149   A07150   A07153   A07166   A07167   A07171   A07177   A07178   A07199   A07202   A07206   A07220   A07230   A07244   A07248   A07282   A07290   A07322   A07332   A07385   A07388   A07391   A07396   A07398   A07410   A07421   A07443   A07460   A07503   A07535   A07545   A07569   A07607   A07621   A07626   A07644   A07672   A07687   A07704   A07715   A07761   A07783   A07784   A07843   A07894   A07923   A07956   A07970   A08024   A08029   A08067   A08069   A08086   A08148   A08168   A08174   A08175   A08282   A08283   A08286   A08297  

Co-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
There are no bills of this type.

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