Todd Kaminsky
During his first legislative session, Todd passed the most bills of any freshman Assembly Member in recent history, and the fourth most bills of the Assembly’s legislative session. Todd led on important issues including property tax relief, government reform, relief for Hurricane Sandy victims, funding for schools, and others. In addition, Todd led the effort to reopen an emergency room on Long Beach Barrier Island, succeeded in stopping National Grid from charging Sandy victims for gas connections when rebuilding their homes, and led the opposition to the Port Ambrose offshore LNG terminal. Governor Cuomo announced his veto of the Port Ambrose terminal alongside Kaminsky on November 12, 2015. Todd also led on the issue of access to diplomas for special needs students, convening a forum of state officials where residents were allowed to ask questions and discussion options for alternatives to the former Regents diploma.

Todd was named one of City & State’s 40 Under 40 Rising Stars, as well as named alongside colleagues as one of the New York Observer’s Albany’s Top 40 Power Players. Newsday wrote in an editorial about government reform that, “newly elected reformers such as Todd Kaminsky of Long Beach, a former U.S. attorney who prosecuted public corruption cases, are demanding new standards of behavior.”

And as a leader on government reform, Todd was appointed by Assembly Speaker Heastie to a committee tasked with finding a director for the new Assembly Ethics and Compliance office.