Assembly Passes Tax Relief Measure for Madraigos, Inc.

Non-profit group helps at-risk youth in the Five Towns
June 21, 2011
Assemblyman Harvey Weisenberg (D-Long Beach) announced the Assembly passed legislation he authored that will allow Madraigos, Inc. to apply for the real property tax exemptions it is entitled to as a non-profit (A.7069-D). Located in Cedarhurst, the group sponsors programs to help at-risk youth in the Five Towns.

“Madraigos, Inc. is a lifeline to struggling young adults in the Five Towns,” Weisenberg said. “This measure will provide the organization with the financial relief it deserves so it can continue helping teenagers turn around their lives.”

“Madraigos wishes to publicly thank and applaud Assemblyman Weisenberg, a true friend and advocate of our community, for his foresight and insight in sponsoring this bill,” said Rabbi Josh Zern, Executive Director of Madraigos. “Every dollar we save at Madraigos is put towards our programs to assure that the teens we help today become our strong leaders of tomorrow.”

“We are extremely grateful to Assemblyman Weisenberg, and the entire legislature, for all their efforts on behalf of our community’s youth,” said Madraigos founder Rabbi Dov Silver. “With the relief provided by the passage of this bill, Madraigos will be able to continue to focus on doing what it does best – helping young adults and their families cope with their problems and lead healthy and productive lives”.

Madraigos, Inc. provides services and resources to young adults, many with emotional, social or family problems, who engage in destructive behaviors. It works in conjunction with teens’ families, schools and synagogues to give them the tools they need to make responsible decisions.

The organization offers crisis intervention services including case management, drug testing, support groups and evening recreation activities for teens. In addition, Madraigos, Inc. operates a 24-hour support line which provides immediate assistance to teens and their families.

“Madraigos, Inc. helps teenagers make better choices so they can be productive members of our community,” Weisenberg said. “I will continue supporting programs like this because they truly make a difference in the lives of young adults and their families.”