Assemblyman Weisenberg’s Legislation to Reduce Speed Limits on Long Beach and Lido Beach Streets Passes Assembly

June 21, 2012
Working to protect residents of Long Beach, Point Lookout, and Lido Beach Assemblyman Harvey Weisenberg (D-Nassau County) announced the Assembly passed legislation he sponsored that would give municipalities in the town of Hempstead and the city of Long Beach the ability to reduce speed limits on certain residential streets to less than 30 mph (A.2955 and A.6932). This legislation has also been passed by the Senate and will await the governor’s signature.

“The recent incident involving an eighth-grade boy being struck and seriously injured while skateboarding down Lido Boulevard highlighted the need to lower speed limits,” Assemblyman Weisenberg said. “We need to give local officials the ability to make our roadways safer for local families.”

Mary Beth Thurston, the school nurse at Long Beach Middle School, witnessed the most recent accidents, and stated, “Lido Boulevard in Lido Beach is a dangerous road. Two Middle School students have been hit by cars in the last two weeks in the same stretch of road. There are four schools within a half mile of this stretch. Our lawmakers should help make it safer.”

Following the passage of this legislation into law, the town of Hempstead and the city of Long Beach would have the option to conduct a study of the safety conditions on their residential roads and pass a local law to set appropriate speed limits for the following roads:

  • in the city of Long Beach: Cleveland Avenue, Harding Avenue, Mitchell Avenue, Belmont Avenue, Atlantic Avenue, Coolidge Avenue, Wilson Avenue and Taft Avenue; and
  • in the community of Lido Beach: Ocean Boulevard, Allevard Street, Bath Street, Buxton Street, Cheltenham Street, Pinehurst Street, Harrogate Street, Matlock Street, Nantwick Street, Biarritz Street, Royat Street, Luchon Street, Woodhail Street, Leamington Street, Saratoga Street, Kensington Street and Prescott Street.

Additionally, the statue provides that a majority of residents of Lido Beach, may petition the Hempstead Town Board, to lower the speed limit to less then 30 mph on additional streets. This is similar to the authority already provided to residents of Point Lookout.

“Reducing the speed limit would protect local families and make these communities a safer place to live and work.” Assemblyman Weisenberg concluded.