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Sponsored Legislation

Prime-Sponsored Legislation:

A03989Relates to the premises on which games of chance may be conducted
A04132Provides veterans of the armed forces of the United States access to all state parks and recreational facilities without the charge of any admission
A04266Relates to the monetary penalties for the crime of aggravated harassment or for discrimination
A04267Establishes a no fare program for transportation on the Long Island Rail Road for duly enrolled members of the auxiliary police for the county of Nassau
A04268Provides for state reimbursement of localities for expenses of lighting certain highways in Nassau and Suffolk counties
A04269Excludes the right to a jury trial for no fault divorce actions
A04270Establishes a no fare program for transportation on the Long Island Rail Road for duly enrolled members of the auxiliary police
A04278Requires the approval of the state comptroller on every application submitted to the public authorities control board
A04290Allows neighborhoods an opportunity to be heard regarding licensing of a child day care center caring for seven or more children or a group family day care program
A04291Provides for reduced-fare tokens for the Verrazano-Narrows bridge for residents of Kings, Queens, Nassau, and Suffolk counties using such bridge to travel to work
A04292Eliminates additional application fees and annual fees for special license plates issued to veterans of the armed forces of the United States
A04293Allows reimbursements for certain services provided by licensed mental health counselors
A04294Provides that school districts shall adopt a limited tax exemption relating to the tax on real property, to benefit disabled persons of limited income
A04295Establishes a real property tax exemption for enrolled members of auxiliary police organizations
A04408Relates to establishing a statewide gang database
A04426Exempts active volunteer firefighters from jury duty upon claiming exemption therefrom
A04456Provides that books sold in a school facility at a school book fair sponsored by a parent-teachers' association, booster club or similar group shall be exempt from sales compensating use tax
A04457Authorizes the commissioner of health to extend the certification of emergency medical technicians and first responders who cannot recertify due to illness
A04458Provides for reduced fare tokens for residents of Nassau county for use of certain bridges operated by the Triborough bridge and tunnel authority
A04460Provides that an order to cease and desist real property solicitations shall apply to all property owners except those owners who opt out of such order
A04521Establishes a block grant for hospital nursing care and appropriates ten million dollars therefor; appropriation
A04629Requires health insurers covering surgery to cover all expenses incurred in connection with autologous blood transfusions
A04630Provides a social services lien for public assistance on awards pursuant to workers' compensation
A04631Relates to providing aid to school districts for expenses related to the school districts' use of electricity, propane, natural gas, and/or heating oil
A04632Provides a tax exemption on real property owned by members of volunteer fire companies or voluntary ambulance services in a certain county
A04633Excludes from federal adjusted gross income the amount of any service award, benefit or allowance paid to a duly enrolled member of an auxiliary police force
A04634Excludes from federal adjusted gross income the amount of any service award paid to a volunteer firefighter or volunteer ambulance worker
A04635Excludes certain interest and dividend payments from personal income tax
A04702Prohibits health insurers from requiring insureds purchase prescribed drugs from mail order pharmacy
A04703Requires an address as a condition of receiving assistance
A04704Increases personal income tax exemption for persons with dependent senior citizen residing with them, requires report by office for the aging on effect of exemption
A04706Enacts the "family protection act"
A04707Exempts villages and fire districts from local consolidation and dissolution of government; repealer
A04708Prevents gas and electric corporations from charging surcharge greater than five percent of basic charge
A04709Waives the fee for a license to carry a firearm for a retired agent or representative of a law enforcement agency or bureau of the United States government
A04710Provides for the regulation and licensing of persons engaged in the act or practice of body-piercing, ear-piercing or tattooing
A04711Establishes a regents nursing professional's loan forgiveness program
A04712Establishes a no fare program for transportation on the NYCTA, LIRR and MNCRC for duly enrolled members of the auxiliary police
A04713Requires colleges to report campus crimes to local police and division of criminal justice services, which is to report thereon annually
A04714Creates a temporary state commission to create programs to enhance business and industry
A04796Increases from 5% to 15% the restitution collection agency designated surcharge
A05116Relates to coverage of primary and preventive obstetric and gynecological care; repealer
A05121Establishes the credit for full-time nurses and the credit for teaching nurses to provide credits against income tax for certain nurses
A05160Establishes the crimes of carjacking in first, second and third degrees
A05161Relates to creating an after-school challenge program to provide schools with matching funds for resources raised to support after-school programs
A05162Relates to the computation of the tax effort ratio for the central high school district for the purposes of state school aid
A05163Relates to establishing the veteran assistance lottery game
A05714Authorizes the issuance of distinctive license plates to auxiliary police or their spouses
A08282Grants a waiver of the photo image fee charged for the processing of certain license documents to veterans
A09091Enacts the "American made flag act of 2014" to require that American flags purchased for use by the state government be made in the United States
A09198Authorizes Hands Across Long Island, Inc. to apply for a retroactive real property tax exemption for a certain parcel in the village of Lynbrook, county of Nassau

Prime-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
There are no bills of this type.

Co-Sponsored Legislation:
A00124   A00384   A00514   A00756   A00775   A00817   A00896   A01169   A01367   A01396   A01404   A01553   A01625   A01630   A01663   A01702   A01706   A01735   A01826   A01862   A01868   A01869   A01922   A02124   A02156   A02180   A02240   A02278   A02281   A02283   A02482   A02566   A02871   A02872   A02905   A03408   A03439   A03788   A03905   A04097   A04191   A04246   A04249   A04254   A04256   A04260   A04296   A04575   A04621   A04624   A04626   A04671   A04699   A04736   A04838   A04866   A04891   A04935   A04955   A05062   A05206   A05280   A05281   A05475   A05535   A05570   A05634   A05664   A05736   A05740   A05850   A05852   A05872   A05956   A05987   A06059   A06207   A06240   A06412   A06464   A06557   A06661   A06974   A07003   A07173   A07259   A07275   A07316   A07393   A07476   A07688   A07697   A07994   A08565   A08784   A08788   A08790   A08791   A08792   A08796   A08803   A08808   A08811   A08812   A08844   A08846   A08917   A09135   A09536   A09538   A09559   A09774   A09899  

Co-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:

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