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Catherine Nolan
Assembly District 37
Chair, Education Committee
Sponsored Legislation

Prime-Sponsored Legislation:

A00028Establishes the special education short-term revolving loan fund and authorizes the state comptroller to provide special education short-term revolving loans
A00029Relates to siting requirements for the New York city school construction authority's leasing program
A00030Requires community district education councils to establish safety hazard advisory review committees
A00121Relates to meetings and absences of the board of regents
A00125Removes public officials from office who are convicted of certain misdemeanor offenses
A00145Increases penalties relating to the protection of underground facilities
A00146Amends the education law relating to school based health and mental health clinics in certain cities
A00150Permits apportionment of state aid where a school was not in session due to extraordinary weather conditions, disasters or emergencies during the two thousand twelve-thirteen school year
A00151Restricts the sale, lease, transfer and certain uses of existing outdoor school playgrounds
A00156Requires transmitters of money to provide a certain warning to consumers
A01792Enacts the farmworkers fair labor practices act, granting collective bargaining rights, workers' compensation and unemployment benefits to farmworkers
A01793Provides benefits for injury, sickness, pregnancy or family leave
A01911Relates to clarifying health education
A03577Establishes teachers and teaching assistants as licensed professionals
A03690Provides for the revocation of the license of any premises found by the state liquor authority on 3 or more occasions to have committed violations
A03733Reforms aspects of local government and school accountability
A04627Requires that physical education in grades one through six shall be taught by certified physical education teachers
A04854Establishes full-service community schools to improve student outcomes
A04867Relates to the expenditure of pre-kindergarten program grant funds
A05059Relates to the farmworkers fair labor practices act
A05268Requires taxing jurisdiction approval of payments in lieu of taxes and requires such approval or denial to be provided within sixty days of a public hearing
A05269Relates to calculating school district tax levy limits and preventing school district tax levy limits from being a negative number
A05270Exempts certain school districts from establishing an internal audit function
A05423Provides for random testing for anabolic steroids in athletes in public and private schools; appropriation
A05542Authorizes boards of cooperative educational services to establish workers' compensation reserve funds
A05566Authorizes two or more school districts in certain supervisory districts to enter into a contract to establish and operate a regional high school
A05842Allows public employers to establish reserve funds to defray contributions to the New York State Teachers' Retirement System
A05981Requires a quorum of members of the board of the New York city transit authority and the board of the MTA to attend certain public hearings
A05982Establishes reliability indicators for the purpose of evaluating the effectiveness of capital funds spent in relation to the MTA
A06165Authorizes two or more school districts in certain supervisory districts to enter into a contract to establish and operate a regional high school
A06218Relates to discipline for inappropriate sexual conduct
A06384Relates to the membership composition of the metropolitan transportation authority board and changes non-voting members to voting members
A06480Relates to intervention in chronically underperforming schools
A06590Relates to the assessment of persistently lowest achieving schools
A06593Relates to standardized testing for grades kindergarten through grade two
A06594Requires a study and report on the total cost of student assessments
A06715Establishes procedures for the orderly closure of a special act school district
A06816Relates to the fingerprinting of applicants for employment at school districts
A06894Enacts the New York state equal pay act requiring equal pay for certain male and female employees
A07060Establishes Earth day; relates to mandate relief for school districts; relates to provision of special education programs and services
A07149Establishes regional secondary schools
A07150Recognizing boards of cooperative educational services as regional leaders
A07203Provides schools the option to operate one hundred eighty days of instruction or the equivalent number of hours of pupil instruction
A07442Relates to truth in testing for the common core
A07443Relates to requiring the fingerprinting of prospective employees of approved private special education schools; makes permanent certain provisions
A07727Relates to encouraging school districts to include a mental health curriculum in their course of instruction
A07728Relates to referrals to state adult service agencies for certain students with disabilities who have reached the age of 18; repealer
A07729Eliminates the requirement for written parental consent prior to initial placement of a student with a disability in a July/August program
A07730Establishes that all school districts are approved evaluators of preschool students suspected of having a disability
A07779Establishes Earth Day
A07872Relates to the release of personally identifiable information
A07873Relates to high school equivalency diplomas
A08043Relates to the New York state office of religious and independent schools establishment act
A08074Relates to computer-based assessment technology apportionment
A08089Requires the education department to include the methodology used in requests for proposals and to submit such requests to the comptroller for approval
A08090Creates the office of the state inspector general for education
A08353Establishes penalties for the unauthorized release of personally identifiable information from student records and certain records of classroom teachers and building principals
A08354Relates to annual professional performance review agreements
A08355Relates to annual professional performance review agreements
A08356Relates to truth in testing for the common core
A08592Requires the commissioner of education to survey, examine and report about school district compliance with physical education instruction requirements in elementary and secondary grades in public schools
A08831Requires school district superintendents to give notice of the termination of special therapy services sixty days prior to such termination
A08845Directs the commissioner of education to establish an online learning committee to make recommendations for establishment of a statewide online and blended learning program
A08929Relates to the use of common core assessments, teacher and principal training and the release of personally identifiable student data
A09062Provides for the professional development to educators
A09252Relates to a candidate applying for an initial certificate as a school building leader
A09253Allows school districts to opt children with an individualized education program out of the "common core standards" and certain testing
A09280Relates to establishing a community-based program providing supports and services for individuals with neurologically-based learning disorders to re-engage with school or adult education
A09334Relates to health services in schools; pupils afflicted with allergies, diabetes, asthma or another respiratory disease
A09338Relates to certain contracts regarding bus drivers and bus driver's assistants
A09342Relates to safety requirements for school science laboratories and teacher training about laboratory safety

Prime-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
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Co-Sponsored Legislation:
A00039   A01092   A01928   A02287   A02346   A02866   A02907   A03105   A03425   A04812   A05680   A05829   A06213   A06839   A07157   A07714   A08070   A08479   A08732   A08918   A08919   A08920   A08921   A08922   A08923   A08924   A08925   A08926   A08927   A08928   A09135   A09207   A09298  

Co-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
There are no bills of this type.

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