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Helene E. Weinstein
Assembly District 41
Chair, Judiciary Committee
Sponsored Legislation

Prime-Sponsored Legislation:

A00854Authorizes the mortgagee or lienor of an abandoned multiple dwelling to apply for the appointment of a receiver to bring the building into compliance
A00855Requires prior disclosure of income, assets, financial obligations of decedent to enforce surviving spouse's waiver of right of election; waives dead man's statute
A00856Requires awarding of costs and attorney fees in frivolous action involving public petition and participation
A00858Relates to tenant security deposit accounts and administrative expenses to which a person may be entitled
A00898Relates to domestic violence; repealer
A00899Exempts parties liable for failure to obey or enforce domestic violence orders of protection or temporary orders of protection from limited liability provisions
A00998Defines the kind of assistance required to be included as part of medicaid personal care services
A00999Provides that for settlements that require a court order the order shall provide for the payment of interest on the settlement amount at the statutory rate
A01000Provides that only the owner and holder of a mortgage and note, or its agent, shall have standing to commence a mortgage foreclosure action
A01001Provides for the types of damages that may be awarded to the persons for whose benefit an action for wrongful death is brought
A01002Permits a plaintiff to recover directly against a third party defendant found to be liable to the defendant in certain actions
A01056Alters the statute of limitations for medical, dental or podiatric malpractice
A01082Requires a recording officer not to record or accept a transfer or assignment of interest in a mortgage unless accompanied with a mortgage ownership assignment
A01084Requires orders of protection issued in family court or in cases of family offenses in criminal court to be translated into the native language of the parties
A01085Provides, in tort cases where one defendant has settled, that remaining defendants must elect prior to trial as to reduction in liability; repealer
A01132Requires all motor vehicle insurers to file annual detailed financial and claim data statements with the superintendent of financial services
A01133Establishes a private right of action for damages against an insurer which engages in unfair claim settlement practices
A01185Establishes the formula for determining the interest payable on a delayed legacy; repealer
A02041Establishes certain proof requirements for plaintiffs seeking summary judgment or a default judgment in a residential foreclosure proceeding
A02365Enacts the "patient privacy protection act"
A02366Requires motor vehicle sales contracts to be written in the language in which such contracts were negotiated
A02367Prohibits the use of job applicant's personal credit history as hiring criteria, unless a reasonable nexus exists
A02368Establishes a cause of action by residents of adult facilities to petition for temporary or permanent receivership
A02678Enacts the "consumer credit fairness act"
A03537Requires the terms of a motor vehicle sales contract entered into in NYC to be written in the language in which such contracts were negotiated
A03549Limits the scope of information disclosed in a published notice of change of name
A05780Establishes a private right of action for the insured for unfair insurance settlement practices when the claim relates to loss or injury in an area where the governor has declared a disaster emergency
A05851Permits the audio and/or televising, broadcasting or taking of motion pictures of certain civil and criminal court proceedings; repealer
A06961Provides for the admissibility of recordings and logs of inmate calls made by the department of correction of the city of New York, as business records
A07280Relates to waiver of privileged confidential information
A07395Enacts the "foreclosure fraud prevention act of 2013"
A07552Authorizes the chief administrator of the courts to establish rules for special proceedings authorized under section 9-518 of the uniform commercial code
A07623Relates to the treatment of non-respondent parents in child protective, destitute child and permanancy proceedings in family court
A07786Requires parental appeal of placement and educational programs to be provided to a child with a handicapping condition to be determined within 90 days
A07809Establishes a civil private cause of action by a policyholder who has suffered unfair claim settlement practices by an insurer
A07871Provides for summary action to foreclose upon vacant and abandoned residential real property
A07953Directs county clerks to submit to the office of court administration, on a quarterly basis, an itemized report on the surplus moneys for the sales of foreclosed properties
A07969Relates to retirement of judges and justices
A08103Relates to special foreclosure proceeding for vacant and abandoned property
A08342Relates to court ordered forensic evaluations and reports in child custody and visitation proceedings
A08431Extends until 2019 the provisions of chapter 455 of the laws of 1997 conferring certain powers on New York city marshals
A08432Makes permanent the provisions of chapter 455 of the laws of 1997 conferring certain powers to the New York city marshals
A09053Enacts the "consumer credit fairness act"
A09076Relates to the time of disclosure of expert witness information
A09077Relates to conduct of the examination before trial
A09314Relates to business records of non-parties
A09341"Abandoned Property Neighborhood Relief Act of 2014"; relates to the duty of the mortgagee or its loan servicing agent to maintain property secured by delinquent mortgage
A09354Extends expiration of provisions of civil practice law and rules requiring settlement conferences in residential foreclosure actions

Prime-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
There are no bills of this type.

Co-Sponsored Legislation:
A00039   A00250   A00314   A00353   A00455   A00670   A00688   A00689   A00900   A00906   A01043   A01092   A01469   A01527   A01685   A01859   A02068   A02098   A02111   A02287   A02727   A02755   A02871   A03221   A03265   A03280   A03295   A03422   A03655   A03661   A03668   A03775   A03941   A03948   A03949   A04034   A04394   A04817   A04980   A05389   A06059   A06390   A06550   A07021   A07056   A07337   A07352   A07394   A07461   A07757   A07805   A08065   A08070   A08270   A08293   A08392   A08972   A08978   A09014   A09056   A09075   A09355   A09356  

Co-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
There are no bills of this type.

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