Millman Passes Legislation to Enhance Safety of NYC Transit

June 24, 2005
Brooklyn N.Y.- Assemblymember Joan Millman announced today the passage of legislation in the Assembly she sponsored (A.6501) establishing a panel to study and report on safety from terrorist acts as well as place a moratorium on the closing of token booths in New York City Transit Authority (NYCTA) stations.

"After the recent decision by the Metropolitan Transit Authority to close token booths, it is clear that they are willing to sacrifice safety in the name of saving money," said Assemblywoman Millman. "Even after a fare hike we are still seeing cuts in services and safety measures across the city, especially in Brooklyn," she added.

The safety advisory panel will consist of seven members selected by the NYCTA from law enforcement, worker, and commuter communities. The panel will make recommendations regarding public safety threats from terrorists and criminals in order to better protect New York Cityís public transportation riders.

"Iím hoping that with the moratorium on token booth closings and the input from the safety advisory panel, we can maintain rider safety while finding new ways to better direct the Authorityís resources," said Assemblywoman Millman.