Millman Says Enough to Sidewalk Newsracks

September 26, 2005
Brooklyn N.Y. - In response to the proliferation of sidewalk newspaper racks, Assemblywoman Joan Millman is circulating a petition calling on the Department of Transportation (DOT) to inspect the number of newsracks on the corner of Smith and President Streets. Currently there are nine newsracks at this corner creating an obstacle for pedestrians, especially those coming from Carroll Park with strollers and young children.

"Walking around the district I’ve noticed a sharp increase in the number of newsracks on the sidewalk," said Assemblymember Millman. "Access to free newspapers and periodicals is important, but we have to be able to cross the street too," she added.

Currently the newsracks on President and Smith violate several DOT regulations including, placement within 2 feet of a curb cut for disabled persons, placement within fifteen feet of an entrance and exit to a subway station, and placement within a corner or crosswalk area.

"Nine newsracks really are a burden for disabled pedestrians and parents with strollers," said Millman. "We must keep our sidewalks safe and clear of potential hazards."

To sign the petition, please stop by Assemblymember Millman’s office at 341 Smith Street.