Assemblymember Millman and Senator Connor Introduce Legislation to Refund Non-Profit Cobble Hill Playgroup over $17,000 in Taxes

December 21, 2005
Brooklyn NY – Assemblymember Joan Millman and Senator Martin Connor introduced legislation this past week to refund the Cobble Hill Playgroup over $17,000 in property taxes on their newly acquired facilities.

Due to a glitch in New York City Tax code, federally recognized tax exempt organizations are required to pay New York City property taxes through the first fiscal year of ownership. The Millman and Connor special legislation will refund the taxes that the school unjustly paid.

The Cobble Hill Playgroup is a not for profit nursery school that has been serving children in the neighborhood for over two decades. The taxes, if paid, would have used at least 25% of the school’s operating budget.

“With the influx of young families to the neighborhood, quality nursery programs have been in high demand,” said Millman. “Anything we can do to preserve educational facilities four our children is a high priority.”

“It is important that all not-for-profit educational programs be given the maximum opportunity to serve our children. Fairness and sound policy dictates that their tax exempt status should be preserved,” said Senator Connor.