Millman, Connor and Public Authority Control Board Approve Transfer of Piers for Brooklyn Bridge Park

Also establish system of checks on Brooklyn Bridge Park Development Corporation
February 7, 2006
Albany N.Y. - Upon the recommendation of State Assemblymember Joan Millman and State Senator Martin Connor, the Public Authority Control Board (PACB) approved the transfer of piers 1, 2, 3, and 5 from the NY/NJ Port Authority to the Brooklyn Bridge Park Development Corporation (BBPDC). The property transfer approval is an important step in creating a world class park for New York City.

Additionally, Assemblymember Millman and Senator Connor recommended that the BBPDC be required to seek approval from the PACB for each additional property acquisition, and the terms of each lease for revenue generating development. The added approvals are necessary to keep a system of checks and oversight on the BBPDC for their use of public funds and public land.

“After years of hard work, I am pleased that we have taken a critical step forward in the creation of Brooklyn Bridge Park,” stated Millman. “By requiring the BBPDC to seek approval for all property acquisitions and lease terms, we create a system of checks on how the park will be developed. This way we can ensure that development is limited only to the parcels outlined in the General Project Plan, as well as ensure that the terms of the lease are structured to gain the maximum amount of revenue necessary with the least development,” Millman added.

“PACB approval of the transfer of the piers for creation of Brooklyn Bridge Park is gratifying to me and all of those community residents who have worked for so long to realize this dream of a world-class park,” said Connor. “A big plus for the community is the system of checks on development. It will go a long way toward guaranteeing that our concerns for adherence to the General Project Plan and minimizing development consistent with the revenue needs are utilized,” noted Connor.

The Public Authority Control Board is comprised of a representative from the Governor’s Office, the Senate Majority Leader’s Office, and the Assembly Speaker’s Office and is one of the last rounds of approval necessary in the public review process. Legislative members with state projects in their district have input into the decisions of the PACB.