Millman Addresses Atlantic Yards Funding on Assembly Floor

States that Funding is Premature Until Environmental Impact Is Assessed
April 3, 2006
Brooklyn NY – Assemblymember Millman stated her objections on the floor last week in reaction to the Assembly budget appropriation of $33 million for The Atlantic Yards Redevelopment Project. The funding was part of the Education, Labor and Family Assistance Budget package which also included 1.8 billion dollars of capital funding for New York City schools.

Millman was concerned about the inclusion of an economic development appropriation in an education budget bill as well as the premature funding of a project that has yet to complete the environmental review process and may cause an undue strain on Brooklyn’s infrastructure.

On the floor she stated, “There is one part of the bill that is especially troubling to me and the people I represent in 52nd Assembly District. There is a two line item for an appropriation of 33 million dollars for the Atlantic Yards Project in Brooklyn. This project seeks to build a sports arena and at last count 17 high rise towers. I raised many questions during the Scoping Session including, questions about the sewer over-run, questions about air quality impact and its effect on the high rate of asthma, questions about the increase on the amount of traffic, questions about the lack of services for nearly 18,000 new residents-schools, police and fire protection, health care, questions of eminent domain, questions which are still under discussion. As we are only in the middle stages of the environmental review process, I believe this appropriation is pre-mature.”

Assemblymember Millman will continue to advocate for the concerns of her district regarding the Atlantic Yards Redevelopment Project.