Assembly Passes Millman’s Bill to Improve Access to Information about State Contract Opportunities

February 27, 2008
Albany – The State Assembly this week voted to pass legislation authored by Assemblywoman Joan Millman that would improve the notification process for state and public authority contracts.

Both businesses and state agencies have expressed dissatisfaction with the current process of notification and procurement of state contracts. This bill, A.2293-A, would bring New York in line with other jurisdictions by requiring daily updating, free access and greater information for firms seeking to do business with the state. Assemblywoman Millman’s bill includes provisions that would allow new, small, minority and women-owned businesses to be more competitive by removing barriers such as the $175 annual subscription fee required for the current system.

In addition, information would be published daily instead of weekly and the state procurement council would be required to report on the implementation of a statewide electronic procurement notification system. Finally, A.2293-A would bring increased transparency to the process by requiring information about bid results and contract awards be made public.

“It is time that we addressed the outdated method of advertising state contracts,” said Millman. “This bill also will require that the entire process be made more equitable and efficient. New York State needs to modernize and catch up with existing local, state and federal contracting procedures.”