Assembly Approves Passage of Millman’s Bill to Add Bittering Agent to Antifreeze

March 5, 2008
Albany – The State Assembly passed legislation introduced by Assemblywoman Joan Millman that would require antifreeze to contain a bittering agent to render it unpalatable.

Most antifreeze and engine coolants contain ethylene glycol, an odorless, sweet-tasting and highly toxic chemical making these products responsible for approximately 6,077 human and 10,000 pet poisonings annually. Millman’s legislation would require bittering agent denatonium benzoate be added to all antifreeze and engine coolants containing over certain amount of the toxic chemical. Similar legislation has been enacted in Oregon, California, New Mexico, Arizona and Maine.

“I believe antifreeze should contain the same bittering agent which has been required for years in other toxic household products,” stated Millman. “With the passage of this bill in the Assembly, we are one step closer to enacting measures that will save countless New Yorkers from accidental poisoning. I urge my colleagues in the Senate to pass this sensible and life-saving bill.”