Millman Takes Action to Involve Community in Bridge and Highway Projects

May 2, 2008
Albany – Assemblywoman Joan Millman cosponsored legislation in the Assembly to strengthen public involvement in construction, maintenance, repair or rehabilitation of bridges or highways under the jurisdiction of the New York State Department of Transportation or a New York State public authority.

This bill (A.1868) would involve a task force containing representatives of the community and elected officials early in the process of construction and would apply to projects in New York City or on projects with an initial cost of over 10 million dollars.

In addition, this bill would designate an independent engineer to provide technical assistance to the task force. The independent engineer would represent the local neighborhood’s view on all aspects of the project, ranging from oversight of design to cleanliness of the worksite. Modeled after the successful use of a task force on the Meeker Avenue Brooklyn-Queens Expressway project, this bill seeks to involve citizens in decisions that affect their health, safety, environment and general welfare.

"This year we will celebrate the 125th birthday of the Brooklyn Bridge, one of the most recognizable and celebrated bridges in the country," said Millman. "However, as we know, the safety of a bridge or highway is its most important quality. I support this legislation because it ensures that the community has a strong voice and the necessary resources to be involved in the process of constructing and maintaining bridges and highways."