In Albany, Millman Votes to Strengthen Rent Regulation Laws

February 5, 2009
Albany – This week, Assemblywoman Joan Millman joined her Assembly colleagues in passing a legislative package designed to strengthen rent regulation laws.

A majority of city residents are renters, making them vulnerable to an unpredictable market. Among the reforms passed this week, these bills would increase harassment penalties on landlords, limit a building-owners’ ability to use a rent-regulated apartment for personal use, increase rent and income deregulation thresholds, and extend the recovery time for major capital improvement expenses.

“Housing is not a privilege – it is a basic right,” stated Millman. “I am pleased that after years of our efforts to pass these reforms, there is finally hope that the leadership in the Senate will also pass this package and it can become law. These reforms will protect many of those who protect us – our teachers, firefighters, cops and nurses. The bills will take some of the pressure off hardworking families and keep more affordable housing within reach of all New Yorkers.”