NY Higher Education Cares Act Passes Assembly and Senate

Assemblywoman Millman’s bill to recycle and reuse unwanted consumer goods on college campuses gains momentum in Albany
March 4, 2009
Albany – This week Assemblywoman Millman’s New York Higher Education Cares Act (A.300) was passed by the Senate, bringing it one step closer to becoming law. Next, A.300 will be sent to the Governor, who will have ten days to act on it. The New York Higher Education Cares Act allows public and private college and university administrations to develop and implement programs that would distribute consumer goods left behind by students to local not-for-profits. Currently, the institutions’ staff are responsible for disposing of the items left behind, many of which ultimately end up at the local landfill. If enacted, A.300 would benefit community not-for-profits and reduce the amount of waste going to the landfill.

“It is about time for this common sense bill to become law,” exclaimed Millman. “I am pleased that both the Assembly and Senate voted to pass The New York Higher Education Cares Act. This is a rare opportunity to reduce waste on college campuses while simultaneously supporting local not-for-profit organizations. One local institution, New York University, is a shining example of how well such a program can work.”

New York University (NYU) has been a leader in successfully reducing campus wide waste of unwanted items and nonperishable foods at the end of the school year. Two years ago, NYU began a pilot program in three of its dorms to collect and donate unwanted consumer items and food to homeless services groups and other New York City non-profits. The program has been expanded and is estimated to collect nearly 25,000 pounds of unwanted consumer goods and nonperishable food. In the end, the program may save NYU money because it will have to rent fewer dumpsters to throw away unwanted items since non-profits are collecting and transporting the students’ donations.