Millman Opposes the MTA’s Doomsday Budget

March 26, 2009
Brooklyn – Assemblywoman Joan L. Millman issued the following statement regarding the MTA’s fare hike and service cuts:

I am deeply disappointed in the MTA’s decision to raise fares and cut services, balancing its books on the backs of the riding public. As a supporter of the Ravitch Commission’s plan to save our transit system by providing a dedicated funding stream, I call upon the Senate to join my Assembly colleagues in enacting a long-term solution. But we should not give the MTA more resources without the necessary accountability. At an Albany press conference, I joined Assemblyman Brodsky in asking the governor to create an independent agency to provide for greater oversight of the MTA finances.

Before we give the MTA additional dollars we need to know how these funds will be spent, so this Authority is not back next year, banging on our doors asking for even more dollars and threatening to raise fares and cut services, once again.