Assembly Votes to Expand Red Light Camera Program

April 8, 2009
Brooklyn – Assemblywoman Joan Millman joined her Assembly colleagues in passing a legislative package yesterday to expand the use of red light cameras in New York City and authorize their use in designated localities throughout the state. A.7328, of which Millman is a cosponsor, would allow an additional 50 intersections in New York City to be monitored by red light cameras, and would extend the program until 2014. In the City, intersections that utilize these red light cameras have seen a decline in red light violations of between 40 to 60 percent. Traffic experts state that in urban areas nearly half of all accidents occur at intersections.

“I strongly support building on the success of the City’s existing red light camera program,” Millman stated. “As a member of the Assembly Committee on Transportation, I have continually advocated for expanding this program to additional intersections. Red light cameras make intersections safer for all of us--pedestrians, bicyclists, drivers and passengers.”

The Assembly’s legislative package also would create red light camera trial programs in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, and Buffalo, Rochester and Yonkers. Additionally, each bill requires participating municipalities to issue an annual report to the governor and legislative leaders detailing the effectiveness of this technology. Drivers photographed running a red light will be sent a notice of liability and can be fined up to $50 for each violation; however, points will not be added to their driver’s license. To safeguard privacy, the legislation exempts recorded images from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) and requires municipalities to exclude images of drivers, passengers or the content inside vehicles from photographs.