Assembly Passes Marriage Equality Bill

May 13, 2009
Brooklyn – Assemblywoman Joan L. Millman is proud to announce that yesterday the Assembly passed legislation allowing same-sex couples to marry in New York State. The bill, A.7732, confers the same legal rights and responsibilities of marriage that are extended to any other married couple to same-sex couples.

“I have always been a strong voice of support for marriage equality in our state,” said Millman. “It is exciting to see that momentum is building in New York and all over the country to pass similar laws. It is my hope that this year the Senate will recognize that a majority of New Yorkers support same-sex marriage and vote to reflect this reality.”

Under current state law, New Yorkers unable to enter into a civil marriage do not have access to basic legal rights such as the right to own property, inheritance, health care, hospital visitation, taxation, insurance coverage, child custody, pension benefits and testimonial privileges. Married couples also receive important safeguards against the loss or injury of a spouse and crucial assurances against legal intrusion into their marital privacy.