Antifreeze Bittering Act Passes Assembly

June 5, 2009
Brooklyn – Today the Assembly passed a bill introduced by Assemblywoman Joan Millman to prevent children and animals from ingesting deadly antifreeze. Ethylene glycol is a sweet-tasting, aromatic and highly toxic chemical commonly found in antifreeze that is responsible for poisoning household pets and even humans. Assembly Bill 7602-A requires any engine coolant or antifreeze that contains more than ten percent ethylene glycol (a toxic substance) also contain a specified amount of denatonium benzoate, a bittering agent. Arizona, California, Maine, New Mexico, Tennessee, Virginia and Washington State already have laws on the books to deter antifreeze ingestion.

“I am encouraged that the Assembly has passed this common-sense bill,” said Millman. “The simple step of adding a bittering agent to antifreeze will keep countless children and pets from consuming this poisonous substance. Hopefully the Senate will pass this bill before the end of this year’s legislative session.”