Millman Statement on Carroll Gardens/Columbia Street Rezoning Proposal

July 15, 2009
Brooklyn – Yesterday, Assemblywoman Joan L. Millman released the following statement in support of the New York City Department on City Planning’s Carroll Gardens/ Columbia Street Rezoning Proposal at a hearing at Brooklyn Borough Hall, held as part of the Uniform Land Use Review Procedure.

Statement Regarding Carroll Gardens/Columbia Street Rezoning

ULURP # C 090462 ZMK

Brooklyn Borough President’s Public Hearing

July 14, 2009

I would like to express my support for the Carroll Gardens/ Columbia Street Rezoning Application ULURP # C 090462 ZMK. This rezoning proposal establishes contextual zoning requirements for the neighborhoods of Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill and the Columbia Waterfront District, preventing out-of-scale development while still allowing homeowners to make modest renovations and businesses to thrive along designated commercial strips. Growing from the 2008 Carroll Gardens Narrow Streets Text Amendment, this proposed rezoning is a comprehensive approach to protecting the architectural character of these treasured neighborhoods that I am so proud to represent.

Under the current zoning regulations, many of the low-rise residential buildings are not protected by height limits. For a majority of the study area, the proposed rezoning would impose a maximum base height of 30 to 40 feet. Along designated commercial strips in the study area, the proposed rezoning meticulously addresses existing buildings that are lower than the overall proposed height limit. This attention to detail ensures that any future development will not dwarf blocks of low-rise buildings that make these neighborhoods unique and desirable places to live and work.

Most importantly, I support this proposed rezoning because it is the result of collaboration between neighborhood organizations, elected officials, Brooklyn Community Board Six and the New York City Department of City Planning. Throughout the process, Department of City Planning staff made themselves accessible to the community, and even walked the streets of the study area to discuss specific concerns with local residents. This proposed rezoning is an example that should be replicated in rezoning projects all over New York City.

I would like to thank the Borough President for holding this public hearing and I encourage the Department of City Planning to hold its own hearing in Brooklyn to ensure that all questions are answered and all points of view are heard and considered.