Assembly and Senate Pass Ethics and Campaign Finance Reform Bill

January 21, 2010
Brooklyn – Yesterday both the Assembly and Senate voted overwhelmingly to pass a comprehensive, bipartisan bill to reform ethics and campaign finance rules. As Chair of the Assembly Election Law Committee, Assemblywoman Millman led the campaign finance reform portion of the debate on the Assembly floor, explaining to her colleagues the benefit of stricter campaign finance rules and an independent unit within the New York State Board of Elections to enforce the new regulations.

“Going forward, these reforms will ensure that the culture in Albany changes,” said Millman. “I urge the Governor to sign this legislation into law. This is our first step towards regaining the public’s trust, and I will continue to aggressively push for further reforms.”

The ethics and campaign finance reform bill also requires:

  • Information regarding the sources of legislators’ outside income
  • Full disclosure from registered lobbyists
  • Increased and additional penalties for violating campaign finance law
  • Expanded jurisdiction of the newly created Board of Elections enforcement unit
  • Greater transparency of campaign finance information
  • An additional filing during the legislative session
  • All votes by Board of Elections Commissioners to stop an investigation or act on recommendations of the enforcement counsel be made public