New Entity to Operate Brooklyn Bridge Park

March 10, 2010
Brooklyn – The City and State announced a Modified General Project Plan (MGPP) that will help to expedite the completion of Brooklyn Bridge Park. The proposed modifications include a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the City and the State to create a not-for-profit entity to manage the development and operation of the park. As part of this agreement, the City will provide an additional $55 million in city capital funds for park construction, bringing the 85-acre world-class waterfront park closer to completion, as well as provide a guarantee to complete the park according to the vision laid out in the MGPP.

The proposed not-for-profit organization, known as the Brooklyn Bridge Park Operating Entity (BBPOE), would be responsible for the planning, construction, maintenance and operation of the park. The new entity would have a 17-member board representing the community, state and city appointees.

“As we approach the long-awaited opening of Piers 1 and 6, I am pleased that the City is taking the lead to develop the rest of this much anticipated and much needed park”, said Assemblywoman Millman. She added, “I applaud the City for its commitment to provide the funding for the park and its willingness to listen to the community’s call for year-round recreational opportunities, such as the skating rink, an indoor recreational facility at Pier 5 and the floating pool. I fully support a public process to discover alternatives to housing as a means to fund park operations.”

“I also want to thank my colleagues in state and city government, especially Governor Paterson, Mayor Bloomberg and State Senator Squadron, for sharing in my commitment to building this world-class park,” said Millman.