Assembly Passes Equal Compensation Bill

April 21, 2010
Albany, NY— This week the Assembly voted to pass A1119, cosponsored by Assemblywoman Joan L. Millman. This bill makes it a discriminatory practice for a public employer to unequally compensate employees of a different sex that are performing job duties of comparable worth. Importantly, the bill exempts seniority systems and ensures that no employer can reduce an employee’s compensation in order to comply with A1119.

“Although it seems common sense to me that no person should be paid less for their job based on whether they are male or female, we need a law on the books that guarantees that unequal compensation doesn’t persist,” stated Assemblywoman Millman. “I have been a proud supporter of this bill for many legislative sessions, and I urge my Senate colleagues to take up the companion bill, S5480.”

Female employees are often compensated less than male employees for work that requires similar training, responsibilities and skills. At public hearings held by several Assembly Committees, it was documented that this unfair practice continues. A1119 seeks to achieve pay equity by clarifying this practice as discriminatory.