Bill to Ease Overseas Voting Becomes Law

June 7, 2010
Brooklyn – Assemblywoman Joan L. Millman, Chair of the Assembly’s Election Law Committee, is proud to announce that legislation she introduced to increase the opportunity for military and other special federal voters to participate in elections has been signed into law by the governor.

“This bill will increase the number of ballots counted and allow many more voices to be heard,” said Millman. “By simplifying the process and making the best use of technology, we can ensure our goal of allowing more New Yorkers the ability to participate in the State’s elections process.”

Millman continued, “As Chair of the Assembly’s Election Law Committee, I am aware of increasing concerns that military and overseas voters have the ability to cast ballots that are received and counted in a timely manner. I am pleased that through working with my colleagues in the Assembly and Senate, we were able to address these concerns.”

The legislation, Assembly Bill A.10681, expands on federal and state laws to allow ballots from overseas voters to be received by the board of elections 13 days after a general or special election and seven days after a primary election. Military and overseas voters also now have a choice in how they obtain voting materials, including via fax or email, which helps to reduce the amount of time it takes them to vote.