Millman Statement on Henry Street Bike Lane Issue

November 10, 2010
Brooklyn – Assemblywoman Joan L. Millman released the following statement to update the public on her ongoing efforts to make the Henry Street corridor in Downtown Brooklyn safer for cyclists, pedestrians and drivers.

“Beginning in May, residents of the 52nd Assembly District contacted my office for assistance in clearing a bike lane that runs along Henry Street in Downtown Brooklyn. Specifically, a local church’s parishioners were parking in the bike lane during church services, creating unsafe conditions for those traveling in the bike lane.

Since the initial complaint, I have repeatedly shared my concerns with the NYPD’s 84th Precinct and expressed my desire for a solution that works for all the parties involved – cyclists, pedestrians and drivers. While the situation improved briefly over the summer, I recognized that a final solution has not been reached.

This is why I have reached out to other churches in the community to find out how they deal with the issue of safe, legal parking for their parishioners. This is why I have met with members of the cycling community. This is why I continue to press the 84th Precinct and church elders to reach a reasonable solution.

Currently I am working towards a solution that would provide church parishioners parking at a garage in Downtown Brooklyn at a discounted rate. Other houses of worship in the neighborhood have already implemented this plan. I have urged church elders to meet with the owner of the garage and hope to soon reach an outcome that benefits the entire community. In the meantime, I welcome your input and observations.”