Millman Offers Solutions to Election Day Problems at Hearings

November 3, 2010
Brooklyn – Assemblywoman Joan L. Millman testified on the City’s implementation of the new optical scan voting machines at hearings held by the New York State Senate Committee on Elections and the New York City Council Hearing on Governmental Operations. In her testimony, Assemblywoman Millman observes that many of the errors on primary day can be attributed to human error, and can be fixed, if the New York City Board of Elections makes them a priority. Assemblywoman Millman outlined several solutions in her testimony, such as targeted training for poll workers, better coordination of equipment delivery, redesign of ballots to improve the voting experience, a requirement that each polling site has at least two voting machines and streamlining of closing process at the polls.

Assemblywoman Millman, Chair of the Assembly’s Election Law Committee, pointed to recommendations made at a hearing she held on the issue in the City in May, “The New York City Board of Elections requested additional funding to provide the expanded training they knew inspectors would require. Funds were obtained, inspectors were given additional training and their compensation was increased as well. While the outreach program was successful, problems arose on primary day.”

Millman continued, “These issues are not so difficult to resolve. The voters of New York City waited a long time for these new machines. Let’s ensure they do not have to wait an equally long time for all the components – machine and human – to function equally well.”

Before the general election in November, Assemblywoman Millman urges the New York City Board of Elections to follow her recommendations to ensure that the same errors are not made again. She will continue to work with her colleagues at the Senate Committee on Elections and Council Committee on Governmental Operations to identify and resolve problems in implementing the new voting machines.