Millman Opposes Nomination of Cathie Black as NYC Schools Chancellor

November 15, 2010
Brooklyn – Assemblywoman Joan L. Millman, a member of the Assembly’s Education Committee and former New York City public school teacher, released the following statement in opposition to Mayor Bloomberg’s nomination of Cathie Black for Chancellor of the New York City Department of Education (DOE).

“I am disappointed by the lack of a public process used to select Cathie Black for Chancellor of the New York City DOE. New York City’s baseball teams conduct a more open, thorough search in hiring a new manager. Mayor Bloomberg should have organized a national search and relied on input from parent groups, leaders in the field of education and DOE employees.

The New York State Department of Education Commissioner David Steiner must issue a waiver in order for Ms. Black to become chancellor, due to her lack of public education credentials. As a former classroom teacher, public school librarian and New York City DOE employee given the task of improving failing schools, I can guarantee that education experience is needed in an ideal candidate for chancellor. For this reason, I am urging Commissioner Steiner to deny a waiver for Ms. Black’s appointment.”